A Systematic Guide for Microbial Identification
Shubhashree Mahalik and Dhanes…
Rs 476
Rs 595
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Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development of Tropical…
Dr D K Belsare, Dr Mrs Shashik…
Rs 1813
Rs 2295
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Biotechnology for Sustainable Utilization of Biore…
H N Thatoi and S K Nayak
Rs 2761
Rs 3495
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Evolving Industrial Biotechnology in Developing Co…
Edited by Lucy Ogbadu, Godwing…
Rs 1478
Rs 1895
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Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Lab Practi…
Debajit Borah
Rs 1520
Rs 1900
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Biochemistry of Carbohydrates
S K Prasad
Rs 1975
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Purple Biotechnology
Edited by Dr Viralkumar B Mand…
Rs 1734
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Red Biotechnology
Dr Anjani Singh Tomar and Dr V…
Rs 1813
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Green Biotechnology
Edited by Dr Anjani Singh Toma…
Rs 1813
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Citrus Biotechnology (International Society for Ho…
T Shimizu and S Tominaga
Rs 1196
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Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biolog : A Labor…
M S Punia
Rs 1517
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Bio-Diesel: Bio-degradable Alternative Fuel for Di…
Dr Gadepalli Ravi Kiran Sastry
Rs 799
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