Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment (Hard…
Dr Abhishek Swami, Er Chhavi K…
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Biotechnology and Plant Breeding: Applications and…
Edited by Aluizio Borem and Ro…
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Textbook of Biotechnology (Paperback)
A A Bharose
Rs 1127
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Agricultural Biotechnology
S Geetha, S Jebaraj and P Pand…
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Encyclopedia of Bio-Fuel: Its Preparation, Applica…
Dr Himadri Panda
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Biotechnology in Plant Protection and Crop Improve…
Dr M M.Abid Ali Khan, Murtaza …
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Sustainable Development through Food and Nutrition…
Deepika Baranwal and Ram Chand…
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Fundamentals of Molecular Biology and Plant Biotec…
Phundan Singh, Sushma Tiwari a…
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Textbook of Dairy Microbilogy
J B Prajapati and Pradip V Beh…
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A Laboratory Manual of Plant Biotechnology (2nd Ed…
Dr S S Purohit
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Dr A Mohamed Sikkander, Dr Wan…
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Elementary Biotechnology
Saaduz Zafar Ali and Saeedut Z…
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