Marine, Nuclear and Thermal Pollution
Aaradhana Salpekar
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River Pollution in India and Its Management
Md. Jafar Imam
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Sustainable Development and Environmental Governan…
Edited by Partha Pratim Sengup…
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Exploring Environmental History of North East Indi…
Edited by Prof Satyadeo Poddar
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Development-Induced Displacement and Workmen Safet…
Dr. Ashis Kumar Pradhan and As…
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Man, Nature and Climate Change
Suman Mishra
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Environmental Chemistry
R Tripathi
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Climate Change, Agriculture and Environment
Sudhakar Patra and Dr Ambika P…
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Industrialization, Environmental Pollution and Urb…
Valamalla Krishnaiah
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Soil Pollution
J C Calvet
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Water Futures of India: Status of Science and Tech…
Edited by P P Majumdar and V M…
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Environmental Protection Law and Policy in India
Kailash Thakur
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