Biodiversity Conservation in Managed and Forests a…
P C Kotwal and S Banerjee
Rs 772
Rs 990
22% off
Plant Biotechnology and Biodiversity Conservation
U Kumar and A K Sharma
Rs 1170
Rs 1500
22% off
Integrated Disease Management and Plant Health
V K Gupta and R C Sharma
Rs 563
Rs 625
10% off
Biodynamic Agriculture: A Conscious Choice
Alan Rosenberg
Rs 1946
Rs 2495
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Genetics Through Problems (Second Revised Edition)
A K Rath and B N Behera
Rs 592
Rs 750
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Textbook of Bryophytes: Based on CBCS Syllabus of …
Inderdeep Kaur and Prem Lal Un…
Rs 301
Rs 350
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Biochemistry: Fundamental And Applications
Dr S S Purohit
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
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Agricultural Biotechnology (3rd Edition)
Dr S S Purohit
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
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Biodiversity, Agroecology, Regenerative Organic Ag…
VandanaShiva and Andre Leu
Rs 1264
Rs 1600
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Recent Trends in Biodiversity Conservation and Bio…
Anupam Guha and Debashish Sen
Rs 1576
Rs 1995
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Pest and Parasites: Control and Elimination Strate…
Dr Pawan Kumar Bharti
Rs 1232
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Plant Physiology: Stress, Diseases and Management
Dr Prasann Kumar and Dr Pawan …
Rs 1270
Rs 1650
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