Biopesticides: A Step Towards Sustainable Agricult…
Satya Narayan Satapathy
Rs 1382
Rs 1795
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Molecular Physiology of Abiotic Stresses in Plant …
Edited by A Hemantaranjan
Rs 846
Rs 950
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Treasure of Plant Pathology
Poonam Kumari, Shailesh Godka …
Rs 2570
Rs 3295
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Pictorial Handbook for Diagnosis & Management of V…
P Parvatha Reddy
Rs 3846
Rs 4995
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Diseases of Vegetable Crops and their Integrated M…
Edited by Amar Bahadur and Pra…
Rs 3796
Rs 4995
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Agrometeorology and Climate Change
Alok Kumar Patra and Subrata K…
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
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Plant Proteomics: Concept and Applications
Murtaza Abid, Dr M M Abid Ali …
Rs 1232
Rs 1600
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Vermitechnology Farm and Fertilizer
Dr Ashok Kumar Rathoure, Dr Pa…
Rs 1155
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Socio-Economic and Ecological Significance of Kitc…
Prof (Dr) Ajeya Jha, Prof (Dr)…
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Vegetation and Plant Diversity (Hardback)
Ravindra P Shukla and Sanjay K…
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Principles & Practices of Plant Propagation and Nu…
C Rajamanickam, A Subbiah, J R…
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Integrated Farming System for Sustainable Producti…
Dileep Kumar, Deepak Chaturved…
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