Objectives of Soil Science: ICARs, JRF, SRF, ARS, …
Dr Jitendra Singh
Rs 1200
Rs 1600
25% off
Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture
S S Walia and U S Walia
Rs 0
Rs 0
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Dryland Technology (2nd Edition)
M L Jat, S R Bhakar, S K Sharm…
Rs 3116
Rs 3995
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Agriculture and Water Management
M L Narasaiah
Rs 400
Rs 500
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Standard Methods for Analysis of Soil Plant and Wa…
I C Gupta, N P S Yaduvanshi an…
Rs 1404
Rs 1800
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Soil Plant Water and Fertilizer Analysis (2nd Edit…
P K Gupta
Rs 1560
Rs 2000
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Irrigation Practices and Sustainable Agriculture
Dr Prasann Kumar and Dr Pawan …
Rs 1053
Rs 1350
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Cultivation Techniques for Agriculture Crops: Cere…
Dr Prasann Kumar and Dr Pawan …
Rs 1330
Rs 1750
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Smart Agriculture: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Techn…
Edited by Punyatoya Patra, Ros…
Rs 832
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Vegetables: Genetic Wealth and Crop Improvement
D R Bhardwaj
Rs 5316
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Engineering Properties of Agricultural Produces
Suresh Chandra, Samsher, Sunee…
Rs 1680
Rs 2100
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