Comprehension Book of Soil Science Laboratory Anal…
Ashok Kumar V. Rajani
Rs 1996
Rs 2495
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Textbook of Basic Concepts of Weed Management
P Leela Rani, G Sreenivas, P S…
Rs 810
Rs 900
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Plant Breeding Theory & Practice (3rd Edition)
N C Stoskopf, Dwight T Tomes …
Rs 2920
Rs 3650
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Pests and Pollinators of Vegetable and Oilseed Cro…
Dharam P. Abrol
Rs 2076
Rs 2595
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Introductory Plant Nematology
P Parvatha Reddy
Rs 260
Rs 295
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Enhancing The Productivity of Rainfed Agro-Ecosyst…
A.K. Kothari, J.K. Balyan, R.K…
Rs 2360
Rs 2950
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Hydroponics: How To Do
G Pathmanaban, K Rajan, M. Mey…
Rs 1472
Rs 1795
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Hydroponics: Principles and Practices
G Pathmanaban, K Ganesan, T. M…
Rs 1308
Rs 1595
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Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Agr…
Subhash Chand
Rs 816
Rs 995
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Diseases of Oilseed Crops and their Management
H.K Singh and R B Singh
Rs 1971
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Soil Plant Water Analysis: Theory and Practice
D K Sarkar
Rs 3356
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Educating Farmers about Agriculture
Raghunath Singh
Rs 1435
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