Dryland Resources and Technology Vol. 8
L L Somani, K N Bansal and R A…
Rs 992
Rs 1195
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Salinity Tolerance in Plants: Methods, Mechanisms …
B K Garg and I C Gupta
Rs 2360
Rs 2950
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Introduction to Agricultural Botany
S Geetha
Rs 1800
Rs 2250
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Components of Yield and their Analyses in Crop Pla…
S Thirugnanakumar, K Manivanna…
Rs 2000
Rs 2500
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Transformation Of Indian Agriculture: Through Inno…
Shahid Ahamad and Jag Paul Sha…
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Sustainable Agriculture
R S Meena
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Samanvit Krishi: Pranali Prabandan (Hindi)
Dr Laxman Ram Meena and Dr Lal…
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Compensatory Afforestation in Rajasthan: An Evalua…
G Singh and D K Mishra
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Recent Approaches for Management of Plant Diseases
Edited by Srikanta Das et al
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Product Diversification in Plantation Crops
M R Manikantan and P Chowdappa
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Principles and Practices of Seed Production of Veg…
Shankar Lal et al
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Plant Analytical Techniques
Dr S D Ramteke and Dr Jayant H…
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