Advances in Weed Management (Hardback)
S S Rana, Anil Kumar, M C Rana…
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Established and Emerging Practices for Soil & Crop…
Avtar Singh Bimbraw
Rs 3896
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Ecofriendly Management of Sugarcane Pest (Hardback…
Anil Kumar, Hari Chand and Ing…
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Climate Change and Crop Protection (Hardback)
A G Sreenivas, G N Shreevani, …
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Seed Priming Application & Ecology: A Focus on Cor…
A B Sharangi , A Sarkar and S …
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Fertigation Technology: A Text Book (Hardback)
G Murugan, S Krishnaprabu and …
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Agro-Climatic Regional Planning in Eastern Uttar P…
Anamika Singh
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Farming System and Plant Growth (Hardback)
Dr Prasann Kumar, Dr Jaswant R…
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Effects of Elements on Plants (Hardback)
Dr Prasann Kumar and Dr Pawan …
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Objective Botany; A Student Jovial Approach for Al…
Dr Abhishek Tripathi and Afroz…
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Neem for the Management of Crop Diseases (Hardback…
V Mariappan
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