Molecular Plant Pathology (Hardback)
Bibhuti Dutta Jha
Rs 1964
Rs 2550
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Plant Diseases and Pests Management (Hardback)
Kalyan Jha
Rs 2145
Rs 2750
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Commercial Plant Breeding Objective (Paperback)
Phundan Singh, Mridula Billore…
Rs 221
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Phenomenon in Environmental and Nano Science
Kavita Sharma and Ravi Sharma
Rs 2804
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Plant Systematics (Hardback)
Arun K Pandey and Shruti Kasan…
Rs 2761
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Textbook of Problematic Soils (Hardback)
D V Hirpara, A S Jadeja, L C V…
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Spice Crops Production Technology (Hardback)
P C Das
Rs 2535
Rs 3250
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Land and Water Resource Conservation: Issues, Opti…
M Madhu, Praveen Jakhar, Parth…
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Manual of Diseases and Insect-Pests of Important V…
Satish K Gupta and K C Sharma
Rs 1185
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Research Methodology in Plant Science (2nd Edition…
P S Narayana, D Varalakshmi an…
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Climate Change and Agriculture Scenario (Hardback)
A G Sreenivas, G N Shreevani, …
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