Agroforestry and its Applications
R K Naresh, S S Dhaliwal, Vive…
Rs 2603
Rs 3295
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Text Book on Agronomic Management of Soil Producti…
C Jayanthi, R Kalpana and D Ra…
Rs 2570
Rs 3295
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Efficiency of Vegetable Marketing: A Study with th…
Tushar Ranjan Sahoo and Saroj …
Rs 944
Rs 1195
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Agricultural Crisis and Rural Industrialization in…
Paramjit Kaur Nanda
Rs 456
Rs 550
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Introductory Plant Physiology
Biswanath Sahoo and Sreemoyee …
Rs 1576
Rs 1995
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Introduction to Agrometeorology and Climate Change
Alok Kumar Patra
Rs 355
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Agricultural Diversification for Food and Nutritio…
Amit Kanawjia and Dheeraj Mish…
Rs 1617
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Indigenous Vegetables: Edible Plant Parts
Dr Sunita Kushwah
Rs 1322
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Fundamentals of Agronomy for JRF, SRF, NET, ARS an…
Ganesh Narayan Gurjar and Sanj…
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Forage Crops at a Glance
Dr A V Dahiphale, Dr U V Mahad…
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Rice Production: Modern Techniques
A S Panwar
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Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture
R K Nanwal
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