Taxonomy of Angiosperms (4th Revised Edition)
T. Pullaiah and S. Karuppusamy
Rs 1971
Rs 2495
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Non-Insect Pests and their Management
S.B. Singh, Shadanan Upadhyay …
Rs 1400
Rs 1750
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Textbook on Integrated Pest Management of Horticul…
Edited by N.Emmanuel, A. Sujat…
Rs 1734
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Green Education: Plants Fun And Game
Mahendra K Satapathy and Sidha…
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria for Horticult…
P Parvatha Reddy
Rs 2336
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Pesticides: Problems Improvements Alternatives
Edited by Frank Den Hond, Pete…
Rs 3116
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Pesticides: An International Guide to 1800 Pest Co…
Edited by G W A Milne
Rs 3896
Rs 4995
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Climate Resilient Horticulture: Adaptation and Mit…
Harish Chandra Prasad Singh
Rs 2246
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Temperate Fruit Crops: Theory to Practical (2 Vols…
Edited by S. N. Ghosh, Amit Ku…
Rs 6236
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Objective Plant Pathology
Omprakash Bharti, Ashok Singh …
Rs 1343
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Entrepreneurship and Skill Development in Horticul…
K P Sudheer and V Indira
Rs 3156
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