Production Technology of Temperate Vegetable Crops
V Premalakshmi, N Deepa Devi a…
Rs 2876
Rs 3595
20% off
Underutilized Vegetable Crops
N Rohini and T Shanmugasundram
Rs 2636
Rs 3295
20% off
Organic Horticulture: Production and Management
Prashant Joshi, Vinod Khadase,…
Rs 3396
Rs 4195
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Insect Mite and Vertebrate Pests and Their Managem…
P. Parvatha Reddy
Rs 387
Rs 430
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Vegetable Genetic Resources: Principles and Manage…
D R Bhardwaj
Rs 4616
Rs 5995
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Physiological Disorders in Horticultural Crops
K. Balakrishnan, J. Rajangam, …
Rs 2040
Rs 2550
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Participatory Decision Support System for Horticul…
Dileep Kumar
Rs 1960
Rs 2450
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Seed Technology: Progress and Recent Advances
J.B.Patel and M. A Vaddoria
Rs 2844
Rs 3600
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Soil Quality and Pesticide Residues Analysis
Mahendar Prasad and Pushpendra…
Rs 498
Rs 600
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The Small Scale Tea Cultivation in Assam
Dr Bedabrat Saikia
Rs 518
Rs 595
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Taxonomy of Angiosperms (4th Revised Edition)
T. Pullaiah and S. Karuppusamy
Rs 1971
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Non-Insect Pests and their Management
S.B. Singh, Shadanan Upadhyay …
Rs 1400
Rs 1750
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