Ayurvedic Drug Plants (Hardback)
Anil Kumar Dhiman
Rs 3156
Rs 3995
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Mites and Nematodes on Medicinal Plants in India: …
Salil K Gupta and Afsana Monda…
Rs 3038
Rs 3895
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Aushdhiya evam Sugandhit Poudho ki Unnat Kheti (Hi…
Kamlesh, Anoop Kumar Dwivedi a…
Rs 1672
Rs 2200
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Reviews on Indian Medicinal Plants Volume 23 (Ra-R…
Neeraj Tandon, Parul Sharma, S…
Rs 1921
Rs 2260
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A Clear Mirror of Tibetan Medicinal Plants Volume …
Doctor Dawa, Men-Tsee-Khang Ed…
Rs 3500
Rs 3500
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Medicinal And Aromatic Plants: Utilization And Con…
Edited by Gopal Shukla, Bidhan…
Rs 2964
Rs 3800
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Pharmacognosy (Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry) V…
Mohammed Ali
Rs 1113
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Patriarchy and the Pangolin: A field guide to Indi…
Aditi Patil
Rs 335
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Encyclopaedia of Indian Medicinal Plants (Hardback…
Rita Singh Majumdar and D Pras…
Rs 7110
Rs 9000
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Folklore Herbs of Manipur: Phytopharmacology Addit…
Devi Datt Joshi
Rs 2788
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The Medicines and Common Medicinal Plants of India…
Edward John Waring
Rs 1038
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Elite RET Species of Dendrobium of North-East Indi…
Diana Rajkumari
Rs 602
Rs 700
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