Twenty Five Years in Kashmir
John Ray
Rs 195
Rs 195
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Pakistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan: The Distrub…
Dr K N Mishra
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Critical Reflections and Explorations in Regional …
Edited by Effat Yasmin and Jav…
Rs 860
Rs 1075
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A Comparative Study of Regional Autonomy Models in…
Showkat Ahmad
Rs 525
Rs 640
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Terrorism an Absolute Evil
J P Mishra
Rs 340
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Crossing the River Kabul: An Afghan Family Odyssey
Kevin McLean
Rs 796
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The Generation of Rage in Kashmir
David Devadas
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Lost in Terror
Nayeema Mahjoor
Rs 254
Rs 299
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The Law Code of Visnu: A Critical Edition and Anno…
Patrick Olivelle
Rs 1554
Rs 1895
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The Magician of Lhasa: A Novice Monk. A Quantum Sc…
David Michie
Rs 339
Rs 399
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Jammu-Kashmir Ka Vishmrit Adhyay: Kushok Bakula Re…
Dr. Kuldeep Chand Agnihotri
Rs 344
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Kashmir: Glimpses of History and the Story of Stru…
Saifuddin Soz
Rs 506
Rs 595
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