Colonial Legacy in North East India (Intellectual …
Edited by Hanjabam Shukhdeba S…
Rs 847
Rs 1100
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State, Civil Society and Social Movements in North…
Rajendra Kshetri and Yumlembam…
Rs 287
Rs 350
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Kashmiri Pandits and Their Diversity (A Socio-Demo…
Aloke K Kalla
Rs 943
Rs 1150
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Illegal Migration to Assam and Citizenship Amendme…
Diganta Hatiboruah
Rs 971
Rs 1295
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Christian Unity in Northeast India: Challenges and…
Rs 882
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Child Trafficking in the Indo-Myanmar Region: A Ca…
Edited by Shukhdeba Sharma Han…
Rs 513
Rs 650
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Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affecti…
Dolly Kikon and Bengt G Karlss…
Rs 524
Rs 595
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Hope in Despair: Stories of Courage in Kashmir
Sunanda Nehru Ganju
Rs 378
Rs 450
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The Many That I Am: Writings from Nagaland
Edited by Anungla Zoe Longkume…
Rs 411
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Jammu and Kashmir: A Battle for Perceptions
A S Chonker
Rs 1023
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Love, Loss and Longing in Kashmir
Sahba Husain
Rs 500
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Contemporary Indian Society: Issues and Challenges…
Edited by Dr Anga Padu and Mr …
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