North East India: Bioresources, People and Culture
Dinabandhu Sahoo and Biswajit …
Rs 1359
Rs 1599
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Gospel and Culture in North East India: A Missiolo…
Rampaukube Hekwet
Rs 467
Rs 550
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Health and Health Care in Indian Subcontinent: Spe…
Edited by Utpal Kumar De and P…
Rs 987
Rs 1250
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Culture And Sustainability: A VAlue-based Approach…
Edited by Banshaikupar Lyngdoh…
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Population Development and Conflicts in Northeast …
Edited by Sujit Beka
Rs 1172
Rs 1395
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Social Movements In Northeast India
Edited by Sarthak Sengupta
Rs 730
Rs 890
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Health and Development Interface in Mizoram
K C Lalmalsawmzauva
Rs 816
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Human Rights and Insurgency: The North-East India
Edited by Ranju R Dhamala and …
Rs 1000
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Socio-Economic Development of North East India
Ananta Pegu and Pulak Mili
Rs 1200
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Health Care and Status in North East India
Suchitra Das and Niranjan Roy
Rs 615
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Regional Rural Banks in North East India
Lalneihtluangi Fanai
Rs 956
Rs 1195
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Road Communication in North-East India and Beyond:…
Edited by Tarun Dutta
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Rs 1100
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