Battlefield Zojila 1948 (Hardback)
Dr Sudhir S Bloeria
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Rs 995
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White as the Shroud: India, Pakistan and War on th…
Myra MacDonald
Rs 515
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Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unend…
Victoria Schofield
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Kashmir 'Face-Off' India's Quandary: Options for I…
Brig A K Ganguly
Rs 826
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Unbreaking India: Decisions on Article 370 and the…
Sanjay Dixit
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Kasheer: A Diabolical Betrayal of Kashmiri Hindus
Sahana Vijayakumar
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Abrogation of Article 370 & Article 35A Constituti…
Edited by Prof (Dr) Vijender K…
Rs 705
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ENDURING DILEMMA: Flashpoints in Kashmir and India…
K M Seethi
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Forgotten Kashmir: The Other Side of the Line of C…
Dinkar P Srivastava
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Kashmir Conflict and Territorial Dispute (Hardback…
Vimal Kishore
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Changed Security Situation in Jammu and Kashmir Ar…
Venkat Singh Sethi
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Jammu and Kashmir: A Happy to an Unsolvable Myster…
Dr Vivek Kumar
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