Employment and Labour Market in North-east India: …
Edited by Virginius Xaxa, Debd…
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Hill Economics and Sustainable Development in Indi…
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Economic Development and Decentralized Planning in…
G A Qureshi
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Arunachal Pradesh: Past, Present and Future
Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi, Dr Ma…
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Developmentalism as Strategy: Interrogating Post-c…
Edited by Rakhee Bhattacharya
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Sustainability, Conflict and the Global Systemic C…
Sujata Dutta Hazarika and Saur…
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Investments and Exports Scenario of Assam: The Fut…
Rashmita Barua
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Economic Inequality and Development of North-East …
J. V. Nunchunga
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Economics of Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir
Rais Ahmad, Mohd. Ibal Rather …
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Applied Economics in Hill Areas: With Special Refe…
Chirag Chettri, Asish Rana and…
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Fiscal Decentralisation and State Finance Commissi…
Nisha Velappan Nair and John S…
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Financial Inclusion through Kisan Credit Card: The…
Samir Ranjan Samantara
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