Pakistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan: The Distrub…
Dr K N Mishra
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
20% off
Crossing the River Kabul: An Afghan Family Odyssey
Kevin McLean
Rs 796
Rs 995
20% off
The Magician of Lhasa: A Novice Monk. A Quantum Sc…
David Michie
Rs 339
Rs 399
15% off
Journey to Lhasa: The Diary of a Spy
Sarat Chandra Das and Parimal …
Rs 301
Rs 350
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India-Afghanistan Relations (1947 - 1979) Volume 1…
Dr. Ab. Hamid Mir
Rs 355
Rs 395
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Tibetan Caravans: Journeys from Leh to Lhasa
Abdul Wahid Radhu foreword by …
Rs 383
Rs 450
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Ladakh: Land of Possessive Powers and Charm Hardbo…
Edited by M Amin Pandit
Rs 645
Rs 750
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The Trade Game: Engaging With Central Asia
Amiya Chandra
Rs 876
Rs 1095
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Ladakh Land of Possessive Powers and Charm (Second…
Edited by M Amin Pandit
Rs 845
Rs 995
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The Pamirs: Being a Narrative of a Year's expediti…
Charles Adolphus Dunmore
Rs 1675
Rs 1995
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Folk Medicine of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh
Dr Mohd. Akbar
Rs 1062
Rs 1250
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Women and Development in India: Reflections from L…
Edited by Kavita Suri
Rs 826
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