Gunners at the Battlefront: CHHAMB, JELEP LA AND S…
Lt Col A K Kher and Ravi Kher
Rs 216
Rs 248
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Ladakh in the Twentieth Century (Hardback)
Dr Sudhir S Bloeria
Rs 1304
Rs 1650
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FIGHTING ACROSS PASSES: Recapture of Tithwal & Gur…
Col Ajay K Raina SM
Rs 1346
Rs 1495
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Gateway to Gilgit-Baltistan: Turtuk Unveiled (Hard…
Kavita Suri
Rs 1971
Rs 2495
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Dard Indian Tribes: Profile and Social Transformat…
Manzoor Hussain and Ali Hussai…
Rs 689
Rs 895
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Occupied Territories of Bharat
Alok Bansal and Nidhi Bahuguna
Rs 336
Rs 395
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Reconstruction of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh: An O…
Ashutosh Kumar and M K Singh
Rs 1053
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Lost in Ladakh
Aditi Nair
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Central Asian Trade and other Essays on Ladakh
Eliezer Joldan
Rs 595
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Dardi Dictionary: English-Dardi-Bhoti-Hindi
Tsewang Gailtsen
Rs 676
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Mapping Tibet in the 21st Century: The Way Ahead
Tsetan Namgyal
Rs 1101
Rs 1295
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