Exploring Environmental History of North East Indi…
Edited by Prof Satyadeo Poddar
Rs 869
Rs 1100
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North East India: Bioresources, People and Culture
Dinabandhu Sahoo and Biswajit …
Rs 1359
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Contemporary Research Trends and Culture, Society,…
Edited by Senjam Mangi Singh a…
Rs 632
Rs 800
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Your History is Not Our Story: Re-imaging Colonial…
Dr Walotemjen, Compiled and Ed…
Rs 798
Rs 950
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Domestic Violence and Matrilineal Society: Recaptu…
Rev. Malwin Stone Passah
Rs 462
Rs 550
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Constructing the Divine: Religion and World View o…
G Kanato Chophy
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
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Contemporary Literature from Northeast India: Deat…
Amit Baishya
Rs 565
Rs 650
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Developmentalism as Strategy: Interrogating Post-c…
Edited by Rakhee Bhattacharya
Rs 931
Rs 1095
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Resource and Development in India: Special Focus o…
Edited by Utpal Kumar De
Rs 750
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Sacrifice in Primal Religions: Socio-economic and …
Rev. Lalchawiliana Varte
Rs 421
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Immigrant Tribes of Tripura: Bhil, Orang, Munda, S…
Moutoshi Deb
Rs 300
Rs 300
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Importance of Minor Forest Produces in Tribal Life…
Dr Manoshi Das
Rs 250
Rs 250
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