Socio-Economic Development of North East India
Ananta Pegu and Pulak Mili
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
20% off
Gender Equality and Sustainable Development: With …
Edited by Lalneihzovi
Rs 760
Rs 950
20% off
Health Care and Status in North East India
Suchitra Das and Niranjan Roy
Rs 615
Rs 750
18% off
Regional Rural Banks in North East India
Lalneihtluangi Fanai
Rs 956
Rs 1195
20% off
Economic Inequality and Development of North-East …
J. V. Nunchunga
Rs 656
Rs 800
18% off
Against State, Against History: Freedom, Resistanc…
Jangkhomang Guite
Rs 931
Rs 1095
15% off
Changing Dynamics of Political Participation in Tr…
Dr Aparna De
Rs 1155
Rs 1500
23% off
Education of Marginalised Community: Issues, Polic…
Tarun Dutta
Rs 1134
Rs 1400
19% off
Meghalaya Rivers
Dan Rea-Dickins and Zorba Lalo…
Rs 1104
Rs 1299
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Is That Even a Country, Sir!: Journeys in Northeas…
Anil yadav Translated by Anur…
Rs 297
Rs 350
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Arunachal Pradesh: The Land of Diversity (An Accou…
Jayanta Sarkar
Rs 560
Rs 700
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Ecotourism on Village Economy and Society in Sikki…
Binu Thomas Chandy
Rs 1260
Rs 1595
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