Manipuri Women Leaders: Their Storyline
Mamta Lukram
Rs 741
Rs 950
22% off
Gospel and Culture in North East India: A Missiolo…
Rampaukube Hekwet
Rs 467
Rs 550
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Health and Health Care in Indian Subcontinent: Spe…
Edited by Utpal Kumar De and P…
Rs 987
Rs 1250
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Tribals of Tripura in Transition: A Socio-Economic…
Edited by Sri Satyajit Das
Rs 415
Rs 500
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Frozen Identities: Genesis of Structural Violence …
Sanjib Goswami
Rs 640
Rs 800
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Murder in the Monastery
Barun Chanda
Rs 248
Rs 295
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Soul Survivors: Apa Tani, Konyak, Tibetan Nomads
Anu Malhotra
Rs 2520
Rs 3000
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Deprivation Development and Empowerment of Women i…
Edited by Utpal Kumar De and B…
Rs 1576
Rs 1995
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Sustainability, Conflict and the Global Systemic C…
Sujata Dutta Hazarika and Saur…
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Culture And Sustainability: A VAlue-based Approach…
Edited by Banshaikupar Lyngdoh…
Rs 796
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Victims of Violence: Psychological Impact of Confl…
Dr Daino Basumatary
Rs 600
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Parties and Electoral Politics In North East India…
V Bijukumar
Rs 648
Rs 790
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