Mapping the Path to Maturity: A Connected History …
Edited by Bipasha Raha and Sub…
Rs 1127
Rs 1375
18% off
In Pursuit of Conflict
Avalok Langer
Rs 339
Rs 399
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The Art of Black Pottery: Longpi Tangkhul Naga
Rangya Gachui
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Man Forest Interface in North East India
Edited by Sumana Paul and Chan…
Rs 711
Rs 900
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Why Assam Rebelled: An Enquiry into the Political …
Binod Kumar Jha
Rs 1050
Rs 1250
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Sustainable Development in India: Social, Politica…
Edited by Sanjay Kanti Das
Rs 1497
Rs 1895
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Towards Social Justice
C. Joshua Thomas and Padmakshi…
Rs 876
Rs 1095
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Morphosyntax of Manipuri Verb
B. Premabati Devi
Rs 252
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Human Development and Natural Resource Management
Dr Ram Krishna Mandal and Dr A…
Rs 2449
Rs 3100
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In the Shadows of Naga Insurgency: Tribes, State, …
Jelle J.P. Wouters
Rs 846
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History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indi…
Edited by S. Shyamkishore Sing…
Rs 2610
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The ULFA Insurgency in Assam
Col Rajinder Singh
Rs 506
Rs 595
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