Pregnancy Notes (Hindi)
Rujuta Diwekar Translated by S…
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Rs 225
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Gender: Concept, Context and Impact
Poonam S. Chauhan
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Women Rights and Religious Laws
Prem Lata
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Textbook on Gender and Women Empowerment
Karthik Dharamkar, Hema Sarat …
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The Householder: A Peek into the Changing Role of …
Ritu Sharma
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Engendering Women In India: (Women Empowerment, In…
Edited by Prof (Dr) Meenakshi …
Rs 761
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Reproductive Health of Tribal Women: Social Determ…
Dr Jobi Babu
Rs 651
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Voices and Values: The Politics of Feminist Evalua…
Edited by Rajib Nandi and Ratn…
Rs 591
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Indian Feminisms: Individual and Collective Journe…
Edited by Abha Bhaiya and Poon…
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Technological Initiatives for Women Empowerment
Edited by G. Savithri, P Sujat…
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Gender In Contemporary Education Research
Edited by Ratna M. Sudarshan a…
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Women Studies Encyclopedia (Revised and Expanded E…
Edited by Helen Tierney
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