Gender Equality & Female Empowerment Policy for Su…
Edited by Dr. Rubee Singh, Dr …
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Political Participation of Women in Urban Governan…
Alka Mishra
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Naro se Bahar Mahilaye (Hindi) Paperback
Mahendra Pandey
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Nari Shiksha ki Murty Padamsri Srimati Subhashini …
Dr Anil Kumar
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Feminism: The Second Dimension (Hardback)
Dr Sanjiv Kumar
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Women in 21st Century: A Global Scenario (Hardback…
Edited by Amit Bhowmick and El…
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Gender Mainstreaming & Sustainable Development (Ha…
Edited by Amit Bhowmick and Gi…
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Women’s Rights and Justice: Theory and Praxis (Har…
Nandini Basistha
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Nutritional Level of Farm Women: A Multilayer Anal…
Sunanda Biswas, S K Acharya an…
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Gender and Neoliberalism: The All India Democratic…
Elisabeth Armstrong Foreword b…
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Women in Social Change: Visions, Struggles and Per…
Edited by Ghazala Jamil
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Psychosocial Wellbeing of Divorced Women: A Libera…
P Zubeno Kithan
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