From the Diary of Rape Survivor
Rs 250
Rs 250
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Working with Muslims: Beyond Burqa and Triple Tala…
Farah Naqvi with Sadbhavna Tru…
Rs 391
Rs 450
13% off
Locating Gender in the New Middle Class in India
Edited by Manjeet Bhatia
Rs 500
Rs 500
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Exploring Feminisms: Essence and Ethos
Edited by Sunita Sinha
Rs 556
Rs 695
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Bharat me Nari ki Badalti hui Vaidhik Sthiti: 1948…
Ajay Kumar Singh
Rs 552
Rs 650
15% off
Naked or Covered: A History of Dressing and Undres…
Mineke Schipper
Rs 419
Rs 499
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Reaching for The Sky: Empowering Girls Through Edu…
Urvashi Sahni
Rs 1186
Rs 1395
15% off
Risky Bodies and Techno-Intimacy Reflections on Se…
Geeta Patel
Rs 676
Rs 795
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Domestic Violence and Women Law (2vols)
Dr Suman Kalyan Chaudhury
Rs 3510
Rs 4500
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Women in India through the Ages: A Glance
Smt N Sivaparvathi
Rs 2800
Rs 3500
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