Women on the Edge of Progress: Reflections from Th…
Prabhat Kumar Singh and Amit B…
Rs 1672
Rs 2200
24% off
Gender Perspectives: From Global Lens
Prabhat Kumar Singh and Amit B…
Rs 1520
Rs 2000
24% off
Navigating Feminism the Fight Goes on
Aisha Sarwari
Rs 500
Rs 595
16% off
Microfinance and Rural Women Entrepreneurship
Annesha Saha and Chinmoy Roy
Rs 517
Rs 630
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May I Have Your ATTENTION Please
Madhu Bala Nath
Rs 494
Rs 595
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Public Women in British India: Icons and the Urban…
Rimli Bhattacharya
Rs 920
Rs 1095
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Breaching the Citadel: The India Papers I
Edited by Urvashi Butalia and …
Rs 722
Rs 850
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Women Empowerment in India: Socio-Economic Perspec…
Edited by Dr Kavita Singh, Dr …
Rs 624
Rs 780
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Sexual Harassment of Working Women at Workplace: A…
Dr Nishesh Sharma
Rs 660
Rs 795
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Empowerment of Women: Role of Indian Judiciary
Kush Kalra and Bhanu Tanwar Fo…
Rs 826
Rs 995
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Gender Inequality: A Multidimensional Study
Swapan Kumar Kolay and Sushila…
Rs 932
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Empowerment and Disempowerment of Women
Snehalata Panda
Rs 600
Rs 750
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