Empowered Women, Ennobled Humans: Enabling Dignity…
Edited by Thomas Karimundackal…
Rs 414
Rs 450
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HIV / AIDS, Gender Dimensions and Neuropsychologic…
Nongmeikapam Premika Devi
Rs 831
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Developmental Economics: From Gender to Natural Re…
Dr Parikshit Sahu
Rs 743
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Surrogacy & Art in India: Socio-Legal and Ethical …
Sufiya Ahmed
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Women, Gender and the Legacy of Slavery and Indent…
Edited by Farzana Gounder, Amb…
Rs 1062
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Ahalya (The Sati Series) Paperback
Koral Dasgupta
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Trafficking in Women and Children for Commercial S…
Monica Chaudhary
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Church and Gender Justice (Paperback)
Aruna Gnanadason
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Labouring Women: Issues and Challenges in Contempo…
Edited by Praveen Jha, Avinash…
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Women’s Health and Safety in India (Hardback)
K Manimekalai and A Ranjithkum…
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Caste and Gender Equality In Contemporary India (H…
Edited by Anji A and A Ranjith…
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Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups and Mic…
Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Nayak and D…
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