Manipur Myanmar Connections: An Indic Perspective …
Edited by Shukhdeba Sharma Han…
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Assam Politics in Post-Congress Era: 1985 and Beyo…
Sandhya Goswami
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Electoral Politics of Assam (Hardback)
Navajyoti Borah
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Agenda for Assam and the North East: Issues and Tr…
Edited by J K Das
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Anthropological Research in North East India: Retr…
Edited by Jibon Kumar, Sarit K…
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Emerging Issues and Challenges in North-East India
Edited by Jesmine Ahmed, Rita …
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North Eastern Region Local Acts and Rules (Being o…
V K Dewan's
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The Naga Ethnic Movement for a Separate Homeland: …
Namrata Goswami
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Asymmetrical Federalism in North-East India: Polit…
Joseph Riamei
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Good Governance and Civil Society in North East In…
Harendra Sinha
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Sectarian Politics and Ethno-Nationalism in North …
I Sarkar and Anjashi Sarkar
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