In Pursuit of Conflict
Avalok Langer
Rs 339
Rs 399
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Why Assam Rebelled: An Enquiry into the Political …
Binod Kumar Jha
Rs 1050
Rs 1250
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Assam Assembly Elections 2016 Understanding the Ch…
Abu Nasar Saied Ahmed
Rs 424
Rs 499
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The Last Battle of Saraighat: The Story of the BJP…
Rajat Sethi and Shubhrastha
Rs 509
Rs 599
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Naga Movement: Longest Surviving, Insurgency in As…
Colonel (Dr) M P Sen
Rs 806
Rs 995
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Burden of History: Assam and the Partition (Unreso…
Udayon Misra
Rs 637
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India's Northeast and Beyond: Governance, Developm…
Edited by Nawal K Paswan
Rs 1875
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Strategic Significance of North-East India
Dr D Bhalla, IAS Foreword by G…
Rs 421
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ASEAN Calling: Development of India`s North-East t…
Edited by Ujjwal Kanti Paul, G…
Rs 876
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Life in Peace and Conflict: Indigeneity and State …
Nasir Uddin
Rs 702
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