Anthropological Research in North East India: Retr…
Edited by Jibon Kumar, Sarit K…
Rs 984
Rs 1200
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Emerging Issues and Challenges in North-East India
Edited by Jesmine Ahmed, Rita …
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North Eastern Region Local Acts and Rules (Being o…
V K Dewan's
Rs 22200
Rs 30000
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The Naga Ethnic Movement for a Separate Homeland: …
Namrata Goswami
Rs 924
Rs 1100
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Asymmetrical Federalism in North-East India: Polit…
Joseph Riamei
Rs 591
Rs 695
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Good Governance and Civil Society in North East In…
Harendra Sinha
Rs 560
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Sectarian Politics and Ethno-Nationalism in North …
I Sarkar and Anjashi Sarkar
Rs 905
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Policy Issues for Economic Development with Specia…
Edited by Dipankar Chakraborti…
Rs 440
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Religion and Politics in Mizoram
Anup Shekhar Chakraborty
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Assam: The Accord, The Discord
Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty
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Border Trade in North-East India: A Politico-Econo…
Edited by Mayashree B Das and …
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