Kashmir in the Aftermath of Partition (Hardback)
Shahla Hussain
Rs 876
Rs 995
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Historical Development in Northeast India: Trends …
Edited by Lanukumla Ao
Rs 1482
Rs 1900
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Specific Principles of Kashmir Saivism (Hardback)
B N Pandit
Rs 455
Rs 500
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The Dogra Rulers of Jammu and Kashmir (Hardback)
Sat Prakash Suri
Rs 1075
Rs 1295
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History of the Dogras (Hardback)
A H Bingley Edited by Balram P…
Rs 776
Rs 995
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An Imperial Crisis in British India: The Manipur U…
Caroline Keen
Rs 764
Rs 899
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Folktales From India's Northeast (Paperback)
Payel Dutta Chowdhury
Rs 356
Rs 395
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Culturo-Religious Transition in North East india (…
Edited by Shukhdeba Sharma Han…
Rs 492
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The Cultural Heritage of Manipur (The Indira Gandh…
Edited by S Yaiphaba Meitei, S…
Rs 1996
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The Concept of Freedom in Mizo Philosophy (Hardbac…
K Vanlalmawia
Rs 512
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North East India: A Cultural Revaluation (Hardback…
Edited by Somali Saha
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