Financial Inclusion in North-East India (A Case St…
Dr Sayan Saha and Dr Kiran San…
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Act East Policy and Northeast India (Hardback)
Sreeradha Datta
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Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research: Iss…
Ripunjoy Sonowal & Ajit Goswam…
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India/Northeast India: Issues, Dynamics & Emerging…
Rajiv Gandhi University Resear…
Rs 956
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Development of Banking and other Financial Institu…
Natalie West Dauner Kharkongor
Rs 1038
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Impact Assessment Study of Skill Development Progr…
Unjum Bashir
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25 Years of Economic Reforms and North East India …
Edited by Bibhash Dhar, Sutapa…
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India's North-East: The Process of Change and Deve…
Edited by R K Samanta
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Integrated Land-Use Management in the Eastern Hima…
Edited by Karlyn Eckman, Samad…
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Economic Transition of North-East India: Surge of …
Dr Subhabrata Chakrabarti
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Mizoram: Past, Present and Future
Priyan Ranjan Trivedi and Sami…
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Employment and Labour Market in North-east India: …
Edited by Virginius Xaxa, Debd…
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