Cashew: Production, Processiong and Value Addition
M S Aneesa Rani, K Murli and D…
Rs 1240
Rs 1550
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Agri Startups for Smart Farming
S Ayyaappan, Mukund A Kataktal…
Rs 1480
Rs 1850
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A Handbook for Skill Development Nursery Managemen…
Deepa H Dwivedi and Navaldey B…
Rs 425
Rs 500
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Textbook of Gymnosperms: Based on CBCS Syllabus of…
Inderdeep Kaur and Prem Lal Un…
Rs 276
Rs 325
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Horticultural Sciences: Perspectives and Applicati…
K V Peter
Rs 5994
Rs 5995
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Principles of Soil and Water Analysis
Narayan Panda
Rs 344
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Soil Physical Analysis
Hitendra Kumar Rai and A K Upa…
Rs 841
Rs 990
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Handbook of Aromatic Plants
Dr. S K Bhattachargee
Rs 2400
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Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of Indian Subcont…
J K Maheshwari
Rs 3400
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Principles of Organic Farming (With Theory and Pra…
E Somasundaram, D Udhaya Nandh…
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Plants of Commercial Values
Bikarma Singh
Rs 2880
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Numericals on Farm Machinery and Power Engineering…
Hitesh B Shakya
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