Advance Technologies in Agriculture for Doubling F…
Kishore Chandra Swain, Ashis K…
Rs 960
Rs 1200
20% off
Scientific Seed Production of Horticultural Crops
M. Jayanthi, S. Sumathi and B.…
Rs 812
Rs 990
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Climate Resilient Agriculture
Edited by Manish Bhan, Vijay S…
Rs 2160
Rs 2700
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Greenhouse Technology
Arupratan Ghosh
Rs 2370
Rs 3000
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Genetic and Natural Resources Towards Food, Energy…
Edited by R K Behl, S Khatodia…
Rs 2050
Rs 2500
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A Text Book on Agricultural Entrepreneurship
Mahesh Mahadeo Kadam and Rushi…
Rs 2373
Rs 2895
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Production Technology of Temperate Vegetable Crops
V Premalakshmi, N Deepa Devi a…
Rs 2876
Rs 3595
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Underutilized Vegetable Crops
N Rohini and T Shanmugasundram
Rs 2636
Rs 3295
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Fundamentals of Agronomy
Neetu Sharma, B C Sharma, Anil…
Rs 2993
Rs 3695
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Organic Horticulture: Production and Management
Prashant Joshi, Vinod Khadase,…
Rs 3396
Rs 4195
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Colonizing Agriculture: The Myth of Punjab Excepti…
Mridula Mukherjee
Rs 574
Rs 675
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Irrigation Management Transfer: Strategies and Bes…
Asian Development Bank
Rs 786
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