Harappan Pottery: Techniques and Conservation
Sanjib Kumar Singh and Md. Ali…
Rs 900
Rs 1000
10% off
Re-Imagining Bengal: Architecture, Built Environme…
Iftekhar Ahmed and Mohammad Ha…
Rs 2456
Rs 2995
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The Buddhist Art of Gandhara: The Story of the Ear…
Sir John Marshall
Rs 1107
Rs 1350
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Bharatiya Kala Sanskriti ke Naveen Aayam (Hindi)
Dr Alok Shrotriya and Dr Mohan…
Rs 2212
Rs 2800
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Rajasthani Chitrakala me Kalatattav: Ak Sanshipt A…
Dr Rajiv Arya
Rs 332
Rs 400
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Islamic Architecture of Deccan India (Deccan Herit…
George Michell and Helen Philo…
Rs 4284
Rs 5225
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Reshaping Art
T. M. Krishna
Rs 343
Rs 399
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Indian Archaeology and Heritage Education: Histori…
K. Paddayya
Rs 2184
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Indian Art, Archaeology and Culture
Edited by Vinay Kumar
Rs 2340
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Buddhist Art in India (Reprint)
Jas Burgess
Rs 779
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The Cave Temples of India (Reprint edition)
James Fergusson and James Burg…
Rs 2800
Rs 3500
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