Shiva: The Light of Lights
Shri Makarand Dave
Rs 850
Rs 850
0% off
Ganga:  A Divinity In Flow
Vijay Singal and Atul Bhardwaj
Rs 2419
Rs 2950
18% off
Bharatiya Mandir: Vastu evam Pratima Vigyan (Hindi…
Dr Nisha Gupta
Rs 615
Rs 750
18% off
India Pilgrimage to the Past: A Selection of Writi…
Pran Nevile
Rs 488
Rs 595
18% off
History, Art and Architecture of the Temples: Kari…
Raju Balgoori
Rs 2730
Rs 3500
22% off
Hindu Temples Lost in the Forest: Rediscovering th…
Sachchidanand Sahai
Rs 3850
Rs 5000
23% off
Where Gods Reside: Sacred Places of Kolkata
Mala Mukerjee and Jael Sillima…
Rs 539
Rs 650
17% off
Temple Architecture of India
N.C. Panda and Sivanagi Reddy …
Rs 3850
Rs 5000
23% off
The Law Code of Visnu: A Critical Edition and Anno…
Patrick Olivelle
Rs 1554
Rs 1895
18% off
Nostalgia for Eternity: Journeys in Religion, Hist…
Leonid Plotkin
Rs 2370
Rs 3000
21% off
Kailash Yatra: A Long Walk to Mount Kailash Throug…
Kevin Bubriski and Abhimanyu P…
Rs 3279
Rs 3999
18% off
The Great Temples of India (Rs 790 + Rs 130 for Se…
Peninad Sadanadan Pillai Trans…
Rs 920
Rs 920
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