PORTS AND TRANS-PORTS: Evolution and Revolution(s)…
Edited by Michael Jansen and M…
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Archaeology of Religion in South Asia: Buddhist, B…
Birendra Nath Prasad
Rs 2870
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Irreverent History: Essays for M G S Narayanan (Pa…
Edited by Kesavan Veluthat and…
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Sources on the Gauda Period in Bengal: Essays in A…
Edited by Jean-Francoise Salle…
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The Forgotten Place: Stone Images from Kurkihar, B…
Claudine Bautze-Picron
Rs 1700
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K Paddayya
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Remembering Stalwarts: Biographical Sketches of Sc…
Edited by B R Mani, Purnima Ra…
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Socio-Economic Archaeology of India (Hardback) (Rs…
M K Dhavalikar
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Rediscovering India: An Exhibition of Important Ar…
Chandresh Kumari Katoch
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Custodians of the Past: 150 Years of the Archaeolo…
Gautam Sengupta and Abha Narai…
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The Battle for Ancient India: An Essay in the Soci…
Dilip K Chakrabarti
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Historical Development in Northeast India: Trends …
Edited by Lanukumla Ao
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