Reshaping Art
T. M. Krishna
Rs 343
Rs 399
14% off
Sri Lanka: Connected Art Histories
Edited by Sujatha Arundathi Me…
Rs 2240
Rs 2800
20% off
Oxford Readings in Indian Art
Edited by B.N. Goswamy
Rs 1676
Rs 1995
16% off
Husain: Portrait of an Artist
Ila Pal
Rs 594
Rs 699
15% off
Crafting History: Method and Content
Edited by Ruby Maloni and Anag…
Rs 836
Rs 995
16% off
SIKH ART From the Kapany Collection (The Sikh Foun…
Edited by Paul Michael Taylor …
Rs 4619
Rs 5703
19% off
Practical Masonry: A Guide to the Art of Stone Cut…
William R Purchase
Rs 790
Rs 1000
21% off
Parallel Wings: The Art of Rini Dhumal
Susha K Bahl and Rini Dhumal F…
Rs 2100
Rs 2500
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Contemporary Houses - II By Indian Architects
Interior Architecture Group
Rs 3600
Rs 4500
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The Grammar of Ornament (Reprint Edition, first pu…
Owen Jones and J B Waring
Rs 574
Rs 700
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Richard Bartholomew the Art Critic
Rs 2550
Rs 3000
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Visual Art of Northeast India: A Collection of opu…
Meghali Goswami
Rs 2000
Rs 2500
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