Encyclopaedia Visual Art of Maharashtra Artists of…
Edited by Suhas Bahulkar and D…
Rs 4500
Rs 4500
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Raja Ravi Varma The Painter Prince 1848-1906 (Hard…
Parsram Mangharam
Rs 4950
Rs 4950
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Asian Aesthetic Theories and Art Forms (Hardback)
Advaitavadini Kaul
Rs 3116
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Elementary History of Indian Art Volume - 1 (Hardb…
Prof (Dr) Chitralekha Singh
Rs 504
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Badri Narayan: Portrait of the Artist as Storytell…
Prema Viswanathan
Rs 999
Rs 999
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The Afterlife of Silence: Still Lifes of Jogen Cho…
Anuradha Ghosh
Rs 1185
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Andre Malro aur unka Bharat ke prati Aakarshan: Ad…
Edited by Joe Kalod Periye Tra…
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Rs 610
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When Was Modernism: Essays in Contemporary Cultura…
Geeta Kapur
Rs 1008
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Ghare Baire: The World, The Home and Beyond 18th-2…
Edited by Kishore Singh
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Faces and Facets: Satyajit Ray in Colour (Hardback…
Andrew Robinson and Nemai Ghos…
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Gandhi in The Gallery: The Art of Disobedience (Ha…
Sumathi Ramaswamy
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Dialects of Silence: Delhi Under Lockdown (Hardbac…
Parul Sharma
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