Kosa Katha: imprints from Chattisgarh
Nimisha Jha and Meetu Gupta
Rs 2049
Rs 2499
18% off
Jewellery: A Scientific Study of Social Traditions
Gulab Kothari Edited by S L Ga…
Rs 0
Rs 0
0% off
Crafts of Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand Handloom & Hand…
Priyanka Tolia, Palzor Bhutia …
Rs 2520
Rs 3000
16% off
Woven Textiles of Varanasi
Jaya Jaitly
Rs 796
Rs 995
20% off
Baluchars: The Woven Narrative Silks of Bengal (We…
Edited by Jasleen Dhamija
Rs 2000
Rs 2500
20% off
Indian Textiles: The Karun Thakar Collection
John Guy, Rosemary Crill and K…
Rs 1560
Rs 1950
20% off
The Silk Road Fabrics: The Stein Collection in the…
Arputha Rani Sengupta
Rs 3200
Rs 4000
20% off
Gehna: Traditional Jewellery of India
Syed Furqan Ahmed, Shrish Kera…
Rs 2880
Rs 3600
20% off
Art and Crafts of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh: Land, …
Renu Sinha
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
20% off
Splendors of Pahari Embroidery (Textiles and Cloth…
Edited by Anamika Pathak and B…
Rs 2730
Rs 3500
22% off