Influences of the British Raj on the Attire and Te…
Jasvinder Kaur
Rs 2000
Rs 2500
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Carpet Fragments in the Collection of Calico Museu…
Jon Thompson
Rs 6000
Rs 6000
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Royal Textiles of Mewar: The City Palace Museum, U…
Rosemary Crill, Neil Greentree…
Rs 2489
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Crafts Atlas of India (Hardback)
Jaya Jaitly
Rs 3510
Rs 4500
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Textiles of India (Hardback)
Helmut Neumann and Heidi Neuma…
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Designs from Indian Textiles: Kashmir Shawls - Jam…
Aparna Gwande
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Rs 1150
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Textiles of Rajasthan at The Jaipur Court
Vandana Bhandari
Rs 1196
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Suraiya Hasan Bose: Weaving a Legacy
Radhika Singh
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The World of Silk
Bindu Saxena (Dehalvi)
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Phulkari from Punjab: Embroidery in Transition
Anu H Gupta and Shalina Mehta
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Art and Craft Workshops under the Mughals: A Study…
Sumbul Halim Khan
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