The Silk Road Fabrics: The Stein Collection in the…
Arputha Rani Sengupta
Rs 3200
Rs 4000
20% off
Gehna: Traditional Jewellery of India
Syed Furqan Ahmed, Shrish Kera…
Rs 2880
Rs 3600
20% off
Art and Crafts of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh: Land, …
Renu Sinha
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
20% off
Splendors of Pahari Embroidery (Textiles and Cloth…
Edited by Anamika Pathak and B…
Rs 2730
Rs 3500
22% off
Baluchari: Bengal and Beyond (An Exhibition on Bal…
Darshan Shah et al
Rs 1757
Rs 1850
5% off
Art as Jewellery: From Calder to Kapoor
Louisa Guinness
Rs 3463
Rs 4275
19% off
Traditional Indian Jewellery (2 Volumes) 1. The Go…
Bernadette Van Gelder
Rs 9500
Rs 12500
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Pashmina: The Kashmir Shawl and Beyond Second Revi…
Janet Rizvi with Monisha Ahmed
Rs 3000
Rs 3750
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Hand Book of Traditional Embroidery
Mary E Waring
Rs 676
Rs 795
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Natural Dye Sources and Dyeing Processes in Wester…
Dr. Inderpal Rai and Sabra Que…
Rs 0
Rs 0
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A Glimpse into the Textile Traditions of Gujarat (…
Aditi Shukla Fozdar
Rs 350
Rs 350
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