Legal Frameworks for the Protection of Built Herit…
Vishakha Kawathekar
Rs 1088
Rs 1295
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Master Planning Indian Cities: Achieving Urban Ren…
Vikram Bhat
Rs 2292
Rs 2795
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New Facets of Indian Art, Architecture and Epigrap…
Edited by Shrinivas V Padigar,…
Rs 3120
Rs 4000
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Rock Art in Coastal Odisha
Dibishada Brajasundar Garnayak
Rs 295
Rs 295
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A Handbook of Indian Art (Reprint)
E B Havell
Rs 702
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Shahjahanabad: The Living City of Old Delhi
Rana Safvi
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India through the Lens: History, Thought, Religion…
Jose Othon Marquina Barrera
Rs 5775
Rs 7500
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Arts and Architectures in the Islamic Traditions
K Prakash Dash
Rs 1236
Rs 1545
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Secular Architectural Landscape of Vijayanagara Pe…
Priya Thakur
Rs 1365
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India & France Studies in Rock Art
Edited by D N Tripathi and Kum…
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Sahar-e-Aurangabad (Hindi)
Sivakanta Bajpeyi
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