Pentecostalism and Politics of Conversion in India
Sarbeswar Sahoo
Rs 524
Rs 595
12% off
A Study of House Church in India: Missiological Ro…
Dr. Hyoshin Jeong.
Rs 807
Rs 950
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A Book that Cannot be Titled : Spiritual Insights …
Fr. S. Stephen Jayard.
Rs 225
Rs 250
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Inclusive Christ and Broken People: Towards a Dali…
Rev. Josfin Raj
Rs 552
Rs 650
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Faith and Industrial Reformation: Basel Mission in…
Jaiprakash Raghaviah
Rs 829
Rs 1050
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Saints & Angels: A Guide to Heavenly Help for Comf…
Doreen Virtue
Rs 339
Rs 399
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Your Church is God's New Creation: Unlocking the P…
Mario Weyers.
Rs 150
Rs 150
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Theology in the Architecture of Ancient Churches i…
Fr. Thomas George.
Rs 426
Rs 495
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Pope Francis: His Impact on and Relevance for the …
Edited by Dr. Kuruvilla Pandik…
Rs 559
Rs 650
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Exploring Socio-Cultural Aspects of Pauline Eccles…
Rev. Pathipati Victor Paul.
Rs 382
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Seeking Communion: A Collection of Conversations
Joseph Victor Edwin SJ
Rs 220
Rs 250
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Messiah in Psalms
C Thambi Simon
Rs 234
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