Jesus The King
Sam Christopher
Rs 319
Rs 375
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Thanking The Lord God On Two Special Occasions
Daniel Rupwate
Rs 180
Rs 180
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Promoting Episcopacy As A Condition Of Becoming Th…
Bosco Gunaseelan Panneerselvam
Rs 255
Rs 300
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Hinduism: A Christian Approach
N V George
Rs 786
Rs 995
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Society in India: Ambedkar's Vision: Essays from C…
Monodeep Daniel
Rs 255
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Witnessing Christ in Diverse Contexts: Papers from…
Edited by Sungjemmeren Kijong …
Rs 212
Rs 250
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Incarnation of the Gospel in Indian Culture: A Stu…
B S Moses Kumar
Rs 836
Rs 995
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In Search of PEACE: A Christian Perspective Volume…
John Zechariah
Rs 301
Rs 350
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Traditional Beliefs and Practices of the Kukis: Be…
D Sonkhojang Haokip
Rs 456
Rs 550
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Re-reading the Old Testament Prophets: The Spirit …
B Lalnunzira
Rs 546
Rs 650
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Mission in India: Determination and Hope for Our O…
Edited by K Jose SVD
Rs 286
Rs 325
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Let My People Go: A Glimpse into to theHistory of …
Godwin Shiri
Rs 202
Rs 225
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