Genesis Myth of Manifold Meanings: The Biblical My…
Ignatius Jesudasan
Rs 760
Rs 950
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Strong Religion, Zealous Media: Christian Fundamen…
Pradip Ninan Thomas
Rs 676
Rs 795
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Introducing Christian Ethics
M Stephen
Rs 292
Rs 325
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An Introduction to Indian Church History (Revised …
Cyril Bruce Firth
Rs 180
Rs 200
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Hearing the Voices of Tribals and Adivasis
Edited by Hrangthan Chhungi
Rs 413
Rs 480
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Christian Sociology
Bouvert Regulas
Rs 196
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Mission in Transition: jIndian Experiences
Edited by V M Mathew and Abrah…
Rs 176
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Rethinking Mission to the Educated Middle Class
Sunil Kolhar
Rs 220
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To What End the Sabbath? An Exegetical Study
Amar Pandey
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Introduction to the Old Testament: Tracing the His…
Rev. Dr. Kondasingu Jesurathna…
Rs 1232
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Understanding the Lordship of Christ in Paul towar…
Rev. V. L. Krosschhuanmawia
Rs 467
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