Tantrapuspanjali: Tantric Traditions and Philosoph…
Edited by Bettina Sharada Bau…
Rs 760
Rs 950
20% off
Tantrayoga tatha Samagrayoga (Hindi & Sanskrit)
Viśhvambhar Dwivedī
Rs 581
Rs 700
17% off
Vamachar Tantra and Ponism: Left-Hand Way Tantra o…
Surendra Singh Pangtey
Rs 695
Rs 695
0% off
Evolution of Tantric Culture
Dr Prajith J P
Rs 584
Rs 695
16% off
Laksmi Tantra: A Pancaratra Text (4th Reprint)
Sanjukta Gupta
Rs 968
Rs 1100
12% off
Muslim Tantra Naqsh   -E-Sulemani with Roohani Ila…
Roman English Translated by Su…
Rs 860
Rs 1000
14% off
Srikamkalakalisaparya (Sagyopang Kamkalakalipursha…
Dr Ram Priya Pandey
Rs 990
Rs 1100
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The Yantras of Deities and their Numerological Fou…
Fredrick W Bunce
Rs 1260
Rs 1500
16% off
KundaliniL Stilled or Stirred? (Second Edition, fi…
Swami Veda Bharati
Rs 430
Rs 500
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Monsters or Bearers of Life Giving Powers? Trans-R…
Sara Kuehn with a Foreword by …
Rs 638
Rs 750
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Diksha Prakash (Tantra Foundation) (Sanskrit)
Shitla Prasad Upadhyaya
Rs 430
Rs 500
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The Goddess within and Beyond the Three Cities: Sa…
Jeffrey S Lidke
Rs 1870
Rs 2200
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