Auroville: Dream and Reality: An Anthology
Akash Kapur
Rs 335
Rs 399
16% off
New Dharshans
Ponneelan Translated by Dr S N…
Rs 555
Rs 555
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Religious Sects in Ancient India (Ancient & Mediev…
Dr D A Pai Edited by Dr Pushpe…
Rs 486
Rs 600
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Parsi, Jaina and Sikhs
D M Thornton
Rs 180
Rs 200
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Religion and Making of a Region (A Study of Santal…
Dr Amar Nath Jha
Rs 676
Rs 795
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Dharma Laws and Law Seers of India
Dr Ushakar Jha
Rs 696
Rs 800
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Perspectives on Manipuri Culture (History of Scien…
Edited by S Shyamkishore Singh…
Rs 2700
Rs 3000
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The Path to No-Self: Life at the Center
Bernadette Roberts
Rs 598
Rs 695
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SARASVATI BAH RAHI HAI: Bharatiye Sanskriti ka Nir…
B B Lal Translated by Usha Nar…
Rs 846
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Return of the Infidel Hardbound
Virendra Pandit
Rs 590
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Studies on Myth Philosophy and Culture
Dr Dharmaraj Adat and Dr Reeja…
Rs 835
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