Domestic Rituals of the Atharvaveda in the Paippal…
Edited with an introduction by…
Rs 760
Rs 800
5% off
Vaidik Mimansa (Hindi)
Indu Sharma
Rs 382
Rs 450
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The Rgveda in its Historical Setting
Ramendra Nath Nandi
Rs 956
Rs 1195
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Concept of Cow in The Rigveda
Doris Srinivasan
Rs 260
Rs 295
12% off
Vedic Concept of Dharma: A Philosophical Analysis
Jagannath Dash
Rs 704
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Vaidik Parampara me Vigyan aur Adhyatam (Ancient I…
Edited by Shashi Tiwari
Rs 1616
Rs 1995
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Science and Spirituality in Vedic Tradition (Ancie…
Edited by Shashi Tiwari
Rs 1596
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Isha Upanishad
Translated by Pritish Nandy, I…
Rs 2383
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Religious Process: The Purāṇas and the Making of a…
Edited by Kunal Chakrabarti
Rs 430
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The Cosmology of The Rigveda (Reprint)
H.W. Wallis
Rs 425
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