Indian Philosophy: Arguments and Counterarguments
K Srinivas
Rs 640
Rs 800
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Indian Philosophy and Religion: A Reader's Guide
Bibhu Padhi and Minakshi Padhi
Rs 572
Rs 650
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Reflections on the Man, the Mind and the Mission (…
Edited by Nalini Bikkina and R…
Rs 1037
Rs 1250
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Colonial Syndrome: The Videshi Mindset in Modern I…
K Ramakrishna Rao
Rs 830
Rs 1000
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Indian and Western Philosophy: A Study in Contrast…
Betty Heimann
Rs 425
Rs 500
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Mysticism in Shaivism and Christianity
Edited by Bettina Baumer
Rs 1037
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Description in Philosophy: With a Particular Refer…
Krishna Jain
Rs 510
Rs 600
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Mutual Regards: An Anthology of Indo-Irish Writing…
Edited by Kapil Kapoor, Scamus…
Rs 2320
Rs 2900
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Keeping an Open Mind
Rahul Vats
Rs 1211
Rs 1495
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South Asian Governmentalities: Michel Foucault and…
Edited by Stephen Legg and Dea…
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A Course in Indian Philosophy (Paperback)
A K Warder
Rs 307
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