The Radical in Ambedkar: Critical Reflections
Anand Teltumbde and Suraj Yeng…
Rs 849
Rs 999
15% off
Reservation: Policy, Practice and Its Impact On So…
Anirudh Prasad and Chandra Sen…
Rs 2040
Rs 2550
20% off
Dalit and Backward Women: Fear and Discrimination
Satish Chandra
Rs 0
Rs 0
20% off
Dr B R Ambedkar: A Warrior of Emancipation
Edited by Vimal K. Lahari
Rs 411
Rs 495
17% off
Caste Regidities and Social Protest in India
Dr P Subba Rao
Rs 785
Rs 950
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Dalit Studies: A Bibliographical Handbook
Chinna Rao Yagati
Rs 1160
Rs 1450
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The Prisons We Broke
Baby Kamble translated from th…
Rs 322
Rs 375
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Dalit Andolan: Baspa ek Vikalp (Hindi)
Pradeep Kumar
Rs 816
Rs 995
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Historical Materialism
Rs 348
Rs 395
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Dalits in Modern India: Vision and Values
S M Michael
Rs 609
Rs 725
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Society, Economy and Education of the Deprived
M.M. Rehman and Kanta Rehman
Rs 0
Rs 0
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Decibel Amplified: Breaking The Silence of Exclusi…
U S Saranya
Rs 486
Rs 615
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