Social Harmony and National Building (Perspectives…
Edited by Dr Gopal Parshad and…
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
20% off
A Study of Entrepreneurship Development Among SC P…
T A Kamble and S S Mahajan
Rs 459
Rs 560
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Tribals and Dalits in Orissa: Towards a Social His…
Biswamoy Pati
Rs 803
Rs 945
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Journeying into the Light: A Study of Dalit Women’…
Dr Tejaswini Deo
Rs 816
Rs 995
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Caste, Social Inequality and Mobility in Rural Ind…
K L Sharma
Rs 992
Rs 1195
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Dalit Movement and Radical Left : A Study in Telan…
Rajesh Kota
Rs 766
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Ambedkar and Nation-Building
Edited by Shyam Lal and K.S. S…
Rs 770
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Scheduled Caste Elites
Jagan Karade
Rs 689
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Education of Marginalised Community: Issues, Polic…
Tarun Dutta
Rs 1134
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Kanshiram: Leader of The Dalits
Badri Narayan
Rs 424
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Dalit Vaichariki aur Sahitya (Hindi)
Prof Daya Shankar
Rs 410
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Hindi Dalit Sahitya ki Dastak (Hindi)
Gautam Bhaidas Kunwar
Rs 287
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