Educational and Social Uplift of Backward Classes:…
S P Agrawal and J C Aggarwal
Rs 632
Rs 800
21% off
Hindutva and Dalits: Perspectives for Understandin…
Edited by Anand Teltumbde
Rs 1062
Rs 1295
18% off
Plain Speaking: A Sudra's Story
A N Sattanathan Edited by Utta…
Rs 476
Rs 595
15% off
Caste and Life Narratives
Edited by S Shankar and Charu…
Rs 944
Rs 1195
21% off
Caste System in India and Nepal: A Comparative Stu…
Soumya Kanti Palit
Rs 483
Rs 575
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Democracy and Social Movements: A Sociological Ana…
Shashi Bhushan Singh
Rs 722
Rs 880
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Exploring Sociabilities of Contemporary India: New…
Edited by Sujata Patel
Rs 794
Rs 945
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Beef, Brahmins and Broken Men: An Annotated Critic…
B R Ambedkar
Rs 587
Rs 699
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Class and Conflict: Revisiting Pranab Bardhan’s Po…
Edited by Elizabeth Chatterjee…
Rs 0
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Rural Indebtedness of Weaker Sections in Telangana
Dr D Satyanarayana
Rs 636
Rs 795
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Scavenging Castes and Exclusion: A Study of the Sa…
Dr Santosh Sabale
Rs 905
Rs 1160
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Voice of Voiceless: Dalit Literature
Edited by R S Regin Silvest an…
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