Makers of Modern Dalit History
Sudarshan Ramabadran, Guru Pra…
Rs 347
Rs 399
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Social Harmony and Justice: Perspectives of Dalit …
Archana Sinha and Denzil Ferna…
Rs 529
Rs 630
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Caste, State and Society: Degrees of Democracy in …
Jagpal Singh
Rs 1346
Rs 1495
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How Are You Veg? Dalit Stories from Telugu (Paperb…
Joopaka Subhadra
Rs 430
Rs 500
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Flourishing Communities: Insights from Ambedkar an…
Monodeep Daniel and Samuel Joh…
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Rs 160
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The Shudras: Vision for a New Path (Hardback)
Edited by Kancha Ilaiah Shephe…
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A Theology of Dalitism (Hardback)
Dr Jacob Devadason
Rs 1180
Rs 1180
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Caste in Kerala (Hardback)
Edited by K N Panikkar
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Pedagogy of Dissent (Paperback)
Ramin Jahanbegloo
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Culture and History of Ancient India (With Special…
Dr Supriya Laxmi Mishra
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Digdarshnik Dr Ambedkar (Hindi) Hardback
C D Naik
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