The Rosa Luxemburg Reader
Edited by Peter Hudis and Ke…
Rs 391
Rs 450
13% off
The Experience of Discrimination in France: Why Me…
Francois Dubet, Olivier Cousin…
Rs 693
Rs 825
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Time, Doubt and Wonder in the Humanities: Between …
Prasanta Chakravarty
Rs 1078
Rs 1299
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Critical Debates in Social Sciences
Edited by Bedriye Tuncsiper an…
Rs 836
Rs 995
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Man in Biosphere: Case Studies on Gulf of Mannar B…
Samit Ghosal
Rs 900
Rs 1125
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Culture And Sustainability: A VAlue-based Approach…
Edited by Banshaikupar Lyngdoh…
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Research Methodology for Social Sciences
Arunangshu Giri and Debasish B…
Rs 340
Rs 395
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What Is Political Sociology?
Elisabeth S. Clemens
Rs 569
Rs 695
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A Critical Review of Social Sciences: Theory and P…
Bora Yenihan
Rs 1800
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Social Movements In Northeast India
Edited by Sarthak Sengupta
Rs 730
Rs 890
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Empirical Anthropology: Issues of Academic Friends…
Edited by Georg Pfeffer and Ni…
Rs 960
Rs 1200
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Sociology in India: A Perspective from Sociology o…
Surendra Sharma
Rs 577
Rs 750
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