Postmodern Social Theory
George Ritzer
Rs 847
Rs 1100
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Social Sector at its Cross Roads: The Indian Scena…
Dr Mriganka De Sarkar
Rs 704
Rs 880
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The Experience Of Discrimination In France - Why m…
Fran├žois dubet, Olivier Cousin…
Rs 693
Rs 825
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Mind and Society: From Indian Studies to General S…
J P S Uberoi and Edited by Kha…
Rs 1172
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Superior: The Return of Race Science
Angela Saini
Rs 503
Rs 599
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Revisiting Qualitative Methods in Social Science R…
Edited by Bonita Aleaz and Par…
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Trust in Transactions
Edited by Prasanta Ray and Ruk…
Rs 819
Rs 975
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Why People Give: Interpreting Altruism
Ratna Vira and Suhasini Vira
Rs 382
Rs 450
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Anthropologists: A Tribute to Hundred Selected Con…
Sukla Sikder and Swapan K Kola…
Rs 1596
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Introducing Sociology
Bhupendra K. Nagla and Sheobah…
Rs 836
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Research Methodology for Social Sciences
S Kevin
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Mapping the Elite: Power, Privilege, and Inequalit…
Edited by Surinder S Jodhka an…
Rs 1271
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