Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and th…
David Reich
Rs 421
Rs 495
15% off
Innovations in Social Science and Humanities
Gaurav and Priti
Rs 668
Rs 795
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Pedagogy of Social Sciences
Dr Anil Kumar Taneja
Rs 960
Rs 1200
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Handbook of Qualitative Research: A Guide for Rese…
Suhail Ahmad Bhat
Rs 591
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A Sneak Peek into Sociology
Seeret Omar Shah
Rs 421
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Field Studies in Sociology: A Students's Manual
V M Palmer
Rs 1280
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Research Methods for Practitioners
S.K. Pant
Rs 500
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Pramukh Samajik Prakriyai
Dr Shailendra Singh
Rs 336
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Knowledge and Practice of Voluntary Blood Donation
Dr Yadla Ramana and Dr T Sobha…
Rs 720
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Medical Anthropology: Analyzing Health Issues amon…
Dr C J Sonowal
Rs 948
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