Glimpses of Indian Anthropology: Social and Cultur…
Biman Kumar Das Gupta
Rs 623
Rs 750
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Anthropologists of india: Adrian C Mayer, M N Srin…
Edited by Radha Beteille
Rs 594
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Early Anthropologists: Raymond Firth, Audrey Richa…
Edited by Radha B├ęteille
Rs 572
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Anthropological Explorations in East and South-Eas…
Edited by A M Shah and Lancy L…
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Qualitative Research in Social Sciences (Hardback)
Letha Devi G P Adhiguru and Ni…
Rs 1271
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The Third Eye of Governance: Rise of Populism, Dec…
Dr N Bhaskara Rao
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Human Values and Ethics (Hardback)
H Sonawane
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Conversations with Ambedkar: 10 Ambedkar Memorial …
Edited by Valerian Rodrigues
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Doyens of Indian Anthropology (1920-2019) Part-3 (…
Edited by Dr Amitabha Sarkar
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Village, Town, and Jungle Life in India (Hardback)
A C Newcombe
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International Research in Social Sciences: A Surve…
Edited by Dr K L Narasimha Mur…
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