Insight of Social Science Research
Dr S S Bhakar, Dr Gaurav Jaisw…
Rs 804
Rs 980
18% off
Sociology: A Multiple Paradigm Science
George Ritzer
Rs 843
Rs 1095
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The Fear of the Visual? Photography, Anthropology,…
Sasanka Perera
Rs 714
Rs 850
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Doyens of Indian Anthropology (1920-2019) Part-2
Edited by Amitabha Sarkar and …
Rs 847
Rs 1100
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Anthropological Research in North East India: Retr…
Edited by Jibon Kumar, Sarit K…
Rs 984
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Rethinking the Social Sciences with Sam Moyo
Edited by Praveen Jha, Paris Y…
Rs 816
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Doing Social Research: Qualitative Methods of Rese…
Edited by Shoma Choudhury Lahi…
Rs 752
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Anthropological Theory Today (Indian Reprint, firs…
Edited by Henrietta L Morre
Rs 1074
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Samajik Manavshastra (Social Anthropology) Hindi
Anurag Dwivedi and Anand Kumar…
Rs 743
Rs 895
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Rise of World Anthropology: As Reflected Through t…
L P Vidyarthi
Rs 592
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Rethinking Social Justice
Edited by S Anandhi, Karthick …
Rs 668
Rs 795
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