Village, Town, and Jungle Life in India (Hardback)
A C Newcombe
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Rs 1995
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International Research in Social Sciences: A Surve…
Edited by Dr K L Narasimha Mur…
Rs 1422
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Contextualizing the Body: An Indian Experience (Ha…
Edited by Sudit Krishna Kumar …
Rs 1403
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Selections from the Prison Notebooks (Paperback)
Antonio Gramsci, Edited and tr…
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Contemporary Issues in Social Science (Hardback)
Edited by Prof Harishankar Sah…
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Sociology of Underdevelopment (Hardback)
Edited by Carle C. Zimmerman a…
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A Comprehensive Dictionary of Sociology (2 Vols) H…
J P Singh
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Modernity, its Pathologies and Reenchantments (Har…
Edited by Shail Mayaram
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Dimensions of Ethnicity in Afghanistan (Hardback)
Nurgiss Nazir
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Social Statistics: Manifestation of Growth (Hardba…
Edited by Ashmita Gupta
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Anthropological Paradigm for Policy and Practice: …
R K Mutatkar
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Research Methodology for Social Sciences: An Eleme…
Faizan Danish and Anil Bhat
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