Socio-Economic Development of North East India
Ananta Pegu and Pulak Mili
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
20% off
Phenomenologies of Violence (2 Vols.)
Edited by K Ramakrishna Rao an…
Rs 2560
Rs 3200
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Refugee Dilemma: Sri Lanken Refugees in Tamil Nadu
V Suryanarayan
Rs 212
Rs 250
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Community Organisation and Social Action in Social…
Prakash Marpady, Dr Mohan S Si…
Rs 462
Rs 550
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Children without Parental Care: Protection, Safegu…
Jagannath Pati
Rs 696
Rs 800
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Education, Health and Citizenship: Three Dimension…
Edited by Vijay Shankar Vyas
Rs 597
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Anthropology and Health
Edited by Rashmi Sinha
Rs 628
Rs 795
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Self-Help Groups Instrument of Social Welfare in I…
Rais Ahamd, Mrs. Taab Sherwani…
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Status of Social Science Research in India: Critic…
Edited by Gautam Gawali
Rs 1200
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Ageing Gracefully: A Multi Disciplinary Perspectiv…
Edited by Dr Sandhya R S
Rs 1992
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Elder Abuse and Social Exclusion
Edited by Sundara Raj T
Rs 1935
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