Anthropology and Development: Understanding Contem…
Jean-Pierre Olivier De Sardan
Rs 751
Rs 975
23% off
Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on Shyness A…
Dr Sr. Arpana
Rs 760
Rs 950
20% off
Crisis and Contention in Indian Society
T. K. Oommen
Rs 426
Rs 495
14% off
Development Process and Social Movements in Contem…
Edited by Abhay Prasad Singh
Rs 348
Rs 395
12% off
The Hippie Trail
Sharif Gemie and Brian Ireland
Rs 339
Rs 399
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The Right to Food Debates: Social Protection for F…
Edited by Harsh Mander, Ashwin…
Rs 1062
Rs 1250
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Political Sociology for a Globalizing World
Michael S. Drake
Rs 997
Rs 1295
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Disability Laws in India
Edited by Prof (Dr) Nuzhat Par…
Rs 752
Rs 895
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Poverty, Inequality and Social Protection: Issues …
Edited by Swargesh Kumar
Rs 920
Rs 1150
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Social Work and Human Rights
Ved Prakash
Rs 1180
Rs 1475
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Counselling and Rehabilitation
Dr Shreenivas
Rs 1600
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Healers or Predators?: Healthcare Corruption in In…
Samiran Nundy, Keshav Desiraju…
Rs 637
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