Introduction to Multiple and Locomotor Disability
Sarala Ranganathan
Rs 1303
Rs 1650
21% off
Dr Soumita Chakraborty
Rs 734
Rs 895
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Malnutrition (Kuposhan)
Dr Savita Malhotra
Rs 655
Rs 795
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Increasing Violence in the Society
Gazula Mallikharjuna Rao
Rs 798
Rs 995
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Tibetan Refugees in India: Struggle to Survive
Adfer Rashid Shah Foreword by …
Rs 462
Rs 550
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Disability in South Asia: Knowledge and Experience
Edited by Anita Ghai
Rs 1088
Rs 1295
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Human Trafficking in India and its Impact: Respons…
Prof V S Lalrinawma
Rs 1079
Rs 1300
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Reflections on Social Work Profession
Edited by S M Sajid and Rashmi…
Rs 737
Rs 899
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Reflections: Skills for Social and Emotional Well …
Edited by Rekha Sapra
Rs 1036
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Disability and Care Work: State, Society and Invis…
Upali Chakravarti
Rs 668
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Society and Development: Human Geographic Perspect…
Edited by Bimal K Kar and Aban…
Rs 1088
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Social Work in Globalizing World: Practices and Ch…
Sanjoy Roy
Rs 997
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