India 2030: A Socio-Economic Paradigm
Sameer Kochhar and Rohan Kochh…
Rs 411
Rs 495
17% off
Male Infertility: Problems and Perspectives
Hemant Deshpande
Rs 509
Rs 599
15% off
The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Na…
Clayton M Christensen, Efosa O…
Rs 515
Rs 599
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Essays on Social Protection in India: Vol.1 (Inclu…
R K A Subrahmanya
Rs 1185
Rs 1500
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India Exclusion Report 2017-2018 by Centre for Equ…
Centre for Equity Studies
Rs 500
Rs 595
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Once we had Everything: Literature in Exile
Edited by Arvind Gigoo, Siddha…
Rs 331
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An Overview of Poverty in Jammu & Kashmir
G A Qureshi
Rs 340
Rs 395
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Sustainable Development Goals: Issues and Challeng…
Anjana Kumari
Rs 908
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Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Kn…
David Bornstein and Susan Davi…
Rs 421
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The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires…
Gary A. Haugen and Victor Bout…
Rs 782
Rs 920
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The Good The Bad and the Honourable: An Anatomy of…
Anna Khanna
Rs 594
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Sacrifice for Kashmir
Himat Singh
Rs 595
Rs 700
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