A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: The Murder of Ba…
Richard L Benkin
Rs 522
Rs 600
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People's Participation in Governance for Developme…
Dr. Ram Darshan
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Queer Studies: Texts, Contexts, Praxis
Kaustav Bakshi and Rohit K Das…
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Labour Migration in the Post Liberalization Era
Edited by Denzil Fernandes and…
Rs 234
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Shehla Masood: The Murder that Shook the Nation
Hemender Sharma
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Adjustment and Life Satisfaction of Middle Aged Co…
Shweta Nema
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Give Nonkilling a Chance: Are Nonkilling Societies…
Edited by Anoop Swarup
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Insider Outsider: Belonging and Unbelonging in Nor…
Edited by Preeti Gill and Samr…
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Sectarian Violence in India: Hindu–Muslim Conflict…
Edited by Sanjay Palshikar and…
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Contributions of Jains to the Economic and Socio-c…
Dr Hemali Sanghavi
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Anna and the Lokpal Bill, 2010-2018, Vol. II
Rajeev Dhavan
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