Handbook of Rights of Persons with Disabilities Ac…
Dolly Singh
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Rs 1100
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Gay Bombay: Globalization, Love and (Be)longing in…
Parmesh Shahani
Rs 518
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Social Protection: Lands of Blossoming Hope (Paper…
Usha Mishra Hayes
Rs 340
Rs 400
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Sacred and Profane: Unusual Customs and Strange Ri…
G S Sachdeva
Rs 421
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Knowledge and Awareness level of Migrant Labours o…
Dr Yashwant Singh Hartta
Rs 584
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The Killing of Aarushi and the Murder of Justice (…
Rajesh Talwar
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Footprints of a Sea Change : Mapping the Impact of…
Dr.Ashraf P and Dr C Vinodan
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Socio-Economic Development and Environmental Susta…
Dr Ranjan Sarkar and Gopal Das
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Contemporary Issues of Northeast and Social Work I…
Edited by Bijoy Das, Amit Das …
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GO-NGOs Partnership and Response to HIV/AIDS (Hard…
Bijoy Das andM Tineshowri Devi
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Justice Frustrated: The Systemic Impact of Delays …
Edited by Shruti Vidyasagar, S…
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Being Good (Hardback)
Dr Nanditesh Nilay
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