Exploitation of Child Labour in Tribal India (Repr…
S N Tripathy
Rs 796
Rs 995
29% off
National Policy of India on Child Development: Pub…
Edited by Shalini Sikka
Rs 1049
Rs 1295
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Commentary on the Protection of Children from Sexu…
Justice P S Narayana
Rs 856
Rs 995
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Bal Vikas (Hindi)
Suman Lata and H L Khatri
Rs 638
Rs 750
15% off
Empowering Children With Disabilities
Edited by Sanjay Prasad, Deep…
Rs 672
Rs 800
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Mansik Mandit Balak (Mentally Retarded Child) Hind…
Dr Janaki Moorjani
Rs 319
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Bal Vikas (2 Volumes) Hindi
Dr Satish Kumar Singh
Rs 1356
Rs 1695
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Child Development Hardback
Kashmir Singh
Rs 806
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Child Health and Nutrition Hardbound
Sunita Pandey
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Children: The Vanished Childhood (An Emperical Stu…
Swati Ghosh and Debotosh Sinha
Rs 880
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Child Care and Child Development: Psychological Pe…
Pradeep Bose
Rs 1000
Rs 1250
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