MNREGA and Rural Employment Generation in India
Dr Yogesh Kumar and Dr Ajay Ku…
Rs 382
Rs 450
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Rural Development and Livelihoods in India
Niranjan Sahoo
Rs 526
Rs 660
20% off
New Paradigm in Urban Infrastructure Development
Dr A N Sarkar
Rs 796
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Proceedings of the National Seminar on Rural Infra…
Edited by K.S. Lakshmi
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Urban Poverty in India
Seepana Prakasam
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Rural and Farm Credit
K V Nagaraj, Palleti Jyothsna …
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City Planning for a Changing India
Ashok Kumar Jain
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Landscapes of Accumulation: Real Estate and the Ne…
Llerena Guiu Searle
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Shari Vikas Abhikaran ke Aayam (Hindi)
Dr Pradip Singh Shekhawat
Rs 672
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Public Transport Planning: A Viable Integrated Mul…
B I Singal
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Agrarian Reforms Land Markets and Rural Poor
Dr R K Dhawan
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A Global Indian Town
Haresh Narayan Pandey
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