Population Migration: A Socio-Economic Analysis
Dr Md. Nazim
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Rs 800
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Rural Sociology
N Jayapalan
Rs 786
Rs 995
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Urbanity and Economy: The Pre Modern Dynamics in E…
Edited by Ratnabadi Chatterjee
Rs 283
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Colonial Legacy in North East India (Intellectual …
Edited by Hanjabam Shukhdeba S…
Rs 847
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Rural Sociology
N Jayapalan
Rs 796
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Managing Faecal Sludge and Septage in Urban India:…
U B Singh
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Making Development Happen: Transformational Change…
Edited by K Seeta Prabhu and S…
Rs 920
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Historical Study of The Bauls and Its Syncretic At…
Ichhimuddin Sarkar
Rs 312
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Ru…
U KChakraborty
Rs 2726
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Making the Modern Slum: The Power of Capital in Co…
Sheetal Chhabria
Rs 714
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Reinventing Safe Cities: Strategies for Planning f…
Ishita Aryan
Rs 902
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Urban Poverty: Ordeal for Women and Children in sl…
Priyanka Bhau and Jasbir Singh
Rs 1106
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