Making Development Happen: Transformational Change…
Edited by K Seeta Prabhu and S…
Rs 1475
Rs 1735
15% off
Land Reforms and Rural Development
Ajit Kumar Singh
Rs 1320
Rs 1650
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Cities and Sustainability: Issues and Strategic Pa…
Edited by S Mahendra Dev and S…
Rs 1212
Rs 1595
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Urban Sociology
Vinita Pandey
Rs 971
Rs 1295
25% off
Sanitation for the Urban Poor in Indian Cities: Is…
Edited by Abha Lakshmi Singh a…
Rs 2173
Rs 2750
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Planning of Towns and Cities: Past Approaches and …
Dr Meenakshi Singhal
Rs 536
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Rural Human Resource Development
Dr Devyani Bajpai
Rs 720
Rs 900
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Urban Environment and Spatial Science
Edited by Mohd Akhter Ali, Kab…
Rs 1196
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Reinventing Urban Crime: Fear Spaces and Crime Hot…
Sandeep Kumar Sharma
Rs 1036
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Social Audit: Accountability and Transparency
K Anuradha and Bidyut Bhushan …
Rs 723
Rs 850
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Locational Conflicts in Patna: A Study in Urban Po…
Sanjeev Kumar
Rs 774
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Sustainable Rural Development: Issues, Opportuniti…
Meenakshi Gupta and Paras Dube…
Rs 668
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