Panchayats in Disaster Preparedness and Management
Dr Debabrata Mondal, Sarthak C…
Rs 401
Rs 495
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Textbook of Rural Marketing
Biswa Mohana Jena
Rs 210
Rs 250
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Rural Development: Planning and Finance
Dr Kamal Bhatt
Rs 1320
Rs 1650
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Indian Punjab with Global Links: A Case Study of S…
Dr. Charnjit Kaur Maan
Rs 524
Rs 595
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Water Insecurity among Urban Poor
Anindita Sarkar
Rs 559
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India's Changing Villages
S C Dube
Rs 524
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Rural Development and Planning in India
Dr Devendra Thakur
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The Annals of Rural Bengal
William Wilson Hunter
Rs 784
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A Brief History of Poverty Alleviation in Neoliber…
Anuradha Kalhan
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Irrigation Impacts on Rural Poverty in India: Macr…
Susanto Kumar Beero and A. Nar…
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Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decli…
Darrell Bricker and John Ibbit…
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Sustainable Dairy Farming for Rural Development
Chapara Vijaya Rao and Prof R …
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