Irrigation Impacts on Rural Poverty in India: Macr…
Susanto Kumar Beero and A. Nar…
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Rs 700
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Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decli…
Darrell Bricker and John Ibbit…
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Sustainable Dairy Farming for Rural Development
Chapara Vijaya Rao and Prof R …
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Rs 1150
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The Unravelling of Mgnrega: A Comparative Study of…
Archana Sinha and Denzil Ferna…
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People s Car: Industrial India and the Riddles of …
Sarasij Majumder
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In the Name of Development: Impoverishment and Mar…
Ankit Patel
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Research Methods in Rural Development
Dr S Nakkiran and DrG Ramesh
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A Rural Manifesto: Realizing India s Future throug…
Feronze Varun Gandhi
Rs 836
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Financial Inclusion and Rural Development: A Roadm…
Edited by Dr Amit Prasad, Prof…
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Health Decentralization: Panchayati Raj and Public…
D C Nanjunda
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Changing Health Culture and Medical Pluralism in R…
D C Nanjunda
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