Health Decentralization: Panchayati Raj and Public…
D C Nanjunda
Rs 2076
Rs 2595
20% off
Changing Health Culture and Medical Pluralism in R…
D C Nanjunda
Rs 2480
Rs 3100
20% off
Health Care and Status in North East India
Suchitra Das and Niranjan Roy
Rs 615
Rs 750
18% off
Regional Rural Banks in North East India
Lalneihtluangi Fanai
Rs 956
Rs 1195
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Rural Development in India (Bharat ka Gramya Vikas…
Edited by Dr Shailesh Kumar Si…
Rs 1037
Rs 1280
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Bharat Nirman avam Manrega (Hindi)
Dharamraj Sharma
Rs 628
Rs 795
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Model Village: Perspectives for Rural Development
Dr Vinita Yadav and Meet Fatew…
Rs 2376
Rs 2795
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Panchayati Raj & Rural Development
Ajit Singh and Neha Garg
Rs 903
Rs 1100
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Urban and Regional Planning: A Systems Approach
J. Brian McLoughlin
Rs 920
Rs 1195
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Continuity and Change in Rural India: An Ethnograp…
Rakesh Kumar Patel
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Rs 0
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Transition in Rural Livelihood
Edited by Dr Sundara Raj T
Rs 836
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Road Communication in North-East India and Beyond:…
Edited by Tarun Dutta
Rs 880
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