Rural Development: A Holistic Perspective
Edited by Kaushal Kumar Sharma…
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Rs 0
20% off
Issue in Sustainable Development in India: Present…
Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay and…
Rs 581
Rs 700
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Rural India Perspective 2017
Edited by Debesh Roy, Gopakuma…
Rs 637
Rs 750
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Agrarian Reforms Land Markets and Rural Poor
R.K. Dhawan
Rs 697
Rs 850
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Panchayati Raj Institutions: An Evolution of Rural…
Dr Peddireddy Narender Reddy
Rs 584
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Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation Programm…
Dr P K Ramana Rao
Rs 336
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Dynamics of Rural Transformation in India: Essays …
Edited by M.R. Khurana
Rs 1996
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Indian Village Revisited: Ranawaton-ki-Sadri (1955…
Brij Raj Chauhan Edited by Yog…
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Urbanisation: Source and Stressors and Responses (…
Shashi Kiran Nayak and Md. Jaf…
Rs 19750
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Culture, Place, City Branding, and Activism: Narra…
Binti Singh
Rs 2236
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Panchayat Raj and Rural Development in India
Dr V Shriram Naik
Rs 920
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Urban Renewal in India: Theory, Initiatives and Sp…
S. K. Kulshrestha
Rs 779
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