Companion to Planning in the Global South
Edited by Gautam Bhan, Smita S…
Rs 1041
Rs 1225
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Smart Cities Unbundled: Ideas and Practice of Smar…
Dr Sameer Sharma
Rs 429
Rs 499
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City Planning
Ramesh Shah
Rs 1356
Rs 1695
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Supermarket for Rural Customers: A Study of a Comm…
Subrata Dutta and Munish Alagh
Rs 761
Rs 895
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Dispossession without Development: Land Grabs in N…
Michael Levien
Rs 676
Rs 795
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Belonging: A Culture of Place
Bell Hooks
Rs 668
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The Challenges of 21st Century (2 Volumes) Vol. i.…
Markandey Rai
Rs 3200
Rs 4000
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The Great Agrarian Conquest: The Colonial Reshapin…
Neeladri Bhattacharya
Rs 1016
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India Moving: A History of Migration
Chinmay Tumbe
Rs 509
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Rural Labour Households: A Socio-Economic Case Stu…
Dr Harvinder Kaur
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