Nine Rupees an Hour: Disappearing Livelihoods of T…
Aparna Karthikeyan
Rs 335
Rs 399
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Bombay Before Mumbai: Essays in Honour of Jim Mass…
Edited by Prashant Kidambi, An…
Rs 839
Rs 999
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Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affecti…
Dolly Kikon and Bengt G Karlss…
Rs 524
Rs 595
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Rural Development and Economic Policy in India
Dr D Amutha
Rs 1755
Rs 2250
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India Migration Report 2019: Diaspora in Europe
Edited by S Irudaya Rajan
Rs 1286
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Agrarian Transformation in Western India: Economic…
B B Mohanty
Rs 1301
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India’s Villages in the 21st Century: Revisits and…
Edited by Surinder S. Jodhka a…
Rs 1271
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Major Rural Development Programmes with Case Studi…
Shankar Chatterjee and Durga P…
Rs 212
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State of the Capital: Creating a Truly Smart City
K S Mehra
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Socio-Economic Surveys of Three Villages in Tripur…
Edited by Madhura Swaminathan …
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Rural Development and Techno-Innovations
Dr Alka Chauhan, Dr Chhavi Kum…
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