Rural Development in Modern India: Foundation and …
Dr Parikshit Sahu
Rs 1975
Rs 2500
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Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development …
Dr Kumar Saurabh
Rs 914
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Rural Poverty in Tripura: An Analytical Study (Har…
Debajit Chakraborty
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Urbanisation and Urban Systems (Hardback)
Dr Mohd Akhter Ali, M Kamraju …
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Natural Resources Management for Sustainable Devel…
V P Sati, Benjamin L. Saitluan…
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Social Protection Programmes in India: Impact on R…
Pinaki Das
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Transforming Rural Areas in Northeast India: Visio…
Edited by Mukesh Kumar Shrivas…
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Urbanisms in South Asia: North-East India Outside …
Edited by Meeta Deka
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Bihar: Crossing Boundaries (Hardback)
Edited by Sunita Lall, Neeraj …
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Making the Modern Slum: The Power of Capital in Co…
Chhabria, Sheetal
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Agrarian Crisis and Farmer Suicide in India: The V…
Sumant Kumar
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Urban Environment: Issues and Challenges (Hardback…
Edited by Atiqur Rahman. Shahn…
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