The Journey of Urban Street Vendors for their Live…
J R Sreenatha Babu
Rs 840
Rs 1050
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Kolkata in Space, Time, and Imagination Volume 1.
Edited by Anuradha Roy and Mel…
Rs 1025
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New Age Hunger Games: Warring Farmers and the Viol…
Written and Edited by Sujata D…
Rs 636
Rs 795
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Panchayati Raj Institutions and Rural Management i…
Edited by Dr Umesh Chandra Pan…
Rs 585
Rs 650
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Artisanship and Rural Ecology: Transforming Life a…
S K Acharya, SK Mosaraf Hossai…
Rs 1160
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Agriculture and Rural Transformation: Issues and C…
Edited by B. Kilangla Jamir an…
Rs 1060
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Decentralization, Cooperatives and Rural Developme…
Edited by D Rajasekhar, M Deve…
Rs 665
Rs 875
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Nine Rupees an Hour: Disappearing Livelihoods of T…
Aparna Karthikeyan
Rs 335
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Bombay Before Mumbai: Essays in Honour of Jim Mass…
Edited by Prashant Kidambi, An…
Rs 839
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Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affecti…
Dolly Kikon and Bengt G Karlss…
Rs 524
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Rural Development and Economic Policy in India
Dr D Amutha
Rs 1755
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India Migration Report 2019: Diaspora in Europe
Edited by S Irudaya Rajan
Rs 1286
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