Stress to Satisfaction: A Study on Well-Being of N…
B. Madhu Bala and Talluru Sree…
Rs 1000
Rs 1250
20% off
Women Refugees of India: Risks and Challenges
Aliva Mohanty
Rs 720
Rs 900
20% off
Women in Indian Society on a Resurgent Path: A New…
Edited by Sabita Acharya , Swa…
Rs 956
Rs 1195
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Gendering Caste: Through a Feminist Lens
Uma Chakravarti
Rs 421
Rs 495
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Girl Child: Care and Protection
Priyanka Kaushal
Rs 697
Rs 850
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Martial Law under Indian Constitution
Nandula Bhaskara Rao
Rs 420
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Marrying in South Asia: Shifting Concepts, Changin…
Edited by Ravinder Kaur and Ra…
Rs 637
Rs 750
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Purush Samaj me Stri (Hindi)
Samiran Majumdar Translated by…
Rs 446
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Interrogating Women Empowerment: The Global Experi…
Edited by Vikram Singh
Rs 1016
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Reflective Expressions
Dr Vandana Punia
Rs 826
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Crossing the Laxman Rekha: Diasporic Women and the…
Vanaja Dhruvarajan
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Human Rights, Women and Media: An Integrated Const…
Firoz Akhtar
Rs 836
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