Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups and Mic…
Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Nayak and D…
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The Unsung Martyred Tawayafs (Paperback)
Dr K S Bhardwaj
Rs 439
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Women and Work in Rural India (Agrarian Studies 6)…
Edited by Madhura Swaminathan,…
Rs 846
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Ijtihad and Gender Justice: Theological, Social an…
Syed Shahid Rashid
Rs 344
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Can You Hear Kashmiri Women Speak?: Narratives of …
Edited by Nitasha Kaul and Ath…
Rs 676
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Bharat Me Mahila Sashaktikaran: Kal, Aaj aur Kal (…
Dr Pratibha Yadav and Dr Viren…
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Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias (Paperback)
Pragya Agarwal
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Mutating Goddesses: Bengal's Laukika Hinduism and …
Saswati Sengupta
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Domestic Violence against Women (Hardback)
Dazy Zarabi and Kuldip Kaur
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Main Hu Shakti: Pahchane khudko aap jo chahe vo ba…
Monika Msih and Jolly Masih Ma…
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Muslim Women in Higher Education in India (A Study…
Shahla Tabassum
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