Match Making in Middle Class India: Beyond Arrange…
Parul Bhandari
Rs 509
Rs 599
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Kinship and Family among Muslims in Bengal (Hardba…
Edited by Masahiko Togawa and …
Rs 1121
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Law Relating To Cruelty And Dowry Death (Hardback)
B V R Sarma and R Jagan Mohan …
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The Runaway Bridegroom: Marriages Made in India
Sundari Venkatraman
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Duality of Human Marriage
Akhilesh Pathak
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Determinants of Divorce: A Study of the Divorce Ca…
A B S V Ranga Rao and A Vesavi…
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Marriage and Divorce in India: Changing Concepts a…
Edited by Lancy Lobo and Kanch…
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Hindu Divorce: A Legal Anthropology
Livia Holden
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Women Family, Marriage and Social Operation (Women…
Dr Aaradhana Salpekar
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Violence Against Women in North East India
Edited by Grace Laltlinzo and …
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