Manipuri Women Leaders: Their Storyline
Mamta Lukram
Rs 741
Rs 950
22% off
Sacred Grove of Santals: Abode of God and Ecologic…
Susmita Poddar
Rs 1560
Rs 2000
22% off
Maslow's Self Actualisation and Ambedkar's Dalits:…
A Israel David
Rs 1402
Rs 1650
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Swetima    (Duniya me Parkashmay Chamatkarik Roshn…
Sweta Parmar 'Nikki'
Rs 180
Rs 200
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Human Marriage: A Comparative Study of Vedic and T…
Harekrushna Mishra
Rs 470
Rs 595
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Gender and Health: A Sociological Insight
Edited by Jyoti Prasad Saikia
Rs 829
Rs 1050
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Irrigation Impacts on Rural Poverty in India: Macr…
Susanto Kumar Beero and A. Nar…
Rs 574
Rs 700
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Law and Her: A Handbook on Women Laws in India
Kaviraj Singh
Rs 421
Rs 495
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Dalit Literature: Journey from Repression to Resis…
Edited by Dr S Chelliah and Dr…
Rs 987
Rs 1250
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Work-Family Life Conflict of Women Gynaecologists
Dr P N Harikumar and Dr Susha …
Rs 916
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Gender, Identity and Politics: Some Historical Per…
Edited by Hosneara Khatun, Chh…
Rs 916
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