Dalit Literature and Historiography: Questioning t…
Vikram Harijan and Alok Prasad
Rs 741
Rs 950
22% off
Problem of Caste in India: Investigating History a…
Dr Vikram Harijan
Rs 1368
Rs 1800
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A Critical Review of Social Sciences: Theory and P…
Bora Yenihan
Rs 1800
Rs 2195
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Bangla Dalit Writer Writes Back: Selected Essays o…
Edited by Jaydeep Sarangi
Rs 815
Rs 995
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Tribal Bengal: Life in the Sub-Himalayan Terai Dua…
Krishnopriyo Bhattacharya
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Women on the Edge of Progress: Reflections from Th…
Prabhat Kumar Singh and Amit B…
Rs 1672
Rs 2200
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Gender Perspectives: From Global Lens
Prabhat Kumar Singh and Amit B…
Rs 1520
Rs 2000
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Navigating Feminism the Fight Goes on
Aisha Sarwari
Rs 500
Rs 595
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Quintessence of Dalit Literature: Rebel Narratives
Ashish Kumar Gupta and Soni Sh…
Rs 1148
Rs 1400
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Witch Hunting: A Comprehensive Study in Global Per…
Manjushree Pathak
Rs 729
Rs 900
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Globalization and Adivasis
Prof V Kirshna, Dr M N Rajesh …
Rs 552
Rs 650
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Samaj Kalyan Prashasan (Social Welfare Administrat…
Tejaskar Pandey and Baleshwar …
Rs 374
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